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"Cream of the Crop in Book Writing Blogs."

I must admit, when blogs first came out I was extremely skeptical.

They seemed to fall somewhere between an information site, a newsletter and a forum - but without falling strictly into any one of those categories.

Many of the earliest blogs were useless - meaningless ramblings of idealists with little or no practical use.

However, many talented individuals now operate very useful, informative blogs that can provide you with free, up-to-the-minute information you can't get anywhere else.

But, are there any decent book writing blogs?

Indeed, I found myself starting our Information Product Developers Book Writing blog a couple of months ago over at:

I now get more traffic, sales and feedback from my blog than any other single marketing technique - a very surprising result indeed.

So what other book writing blogs can you find out there to help you write and market your own How To books?

Here's a few of the best book writing blogs from my bookmarks:

Guide To EBook Marketing Weblog

John Hocking has put together a very informative, interesting and highly useful weblog for ebook writers and marketers. What I really like about John's blog is that he deals with everything from writing, generating traffic, website design to advanced marketing tips. He obviously is very much in touch with his readers, which in turn benefits them tremendously.

Angela Booth's Writing Blog

I've enjoyed Angela's site and writing for some time, and her blog doesn't disappoint. From freelance writing to copywriting, she covers a great many topics with information that is fresh and useful. Check it out:

The Book Blog

Interesting blog covering all things written. Aimed more at readers, this blog is good for keeping tabs on the latest trends and interests of mainstream book market. Will not always directly relate to your market, but great for keeping tabs on entire book market.

Ultimate Product Developer's Blog

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the blog from your's truly. We work hard to make sure this blog is kept up to date with highly relevant book writing and marketing information for the information entrepreneur. Updated at least once per week with useful and relevant information.

No doubt, in the coming weeks and months there will be more. For now, this is the pick of the litter - these are the sites I visit at least once per week to see what's new and gain both writing and marketing ideas. I think you'll find them useful too.

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Book Writing Resources

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