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"Avoid These 3 Critical e-Course Writing Mistakes"

If your sales are limping along, your website conversion is stuck in the mud no matter how many changes you make to your sales copy, then an effective e-course or minicourse is one way to pull a much larger sales conversion out of the same number of visitors to your site.

Not convinced?

Perhaps its because writing pre-sales minicourses is a science in itself.

You can't expect to throw 7 pages of information up, slap a title on it and instantly start to see the sales come in.

In fact, it took me almost 8-months and more than 10 tries before I figured out the formula for connecting with readers, creating an instant trust relationship, convince them they will find the answer to their most compelling questions with links back to my products.

By the way - the method that saved me is outlined over at:

Along the way, I made almost every mistake in the book. Since then, I have worked with many others to setup their marketing campaigns, and have noticed 3 common, but deadly mistakes when creating e-mini courses.

1. Informing Instead of Connecting.

Despite what you have heard, the main purpose of a minicourse is not to INFORM it is to CONNECT with your reader and lead them down a very specific path ending in the sale of your products.

To do this, you have to have ultimate confidence in the products you are selling - enough to be able to enthusiastically point to a very pressing problem for the customer, identify the solution and direct them to that product to solve the answer better and faster than anything else on the market.

You create this connection by understanding what your prospect is feeling, using examples they can relate to, highlighting case studies of similar people, using sensory words to paint a picture of first, the challenge, and second life after they have solved the problem.

2. Poor Title and Layout

First, the title - just as your product name, book title, webpage headline and other headlines make a massive difference in both signup rates AND the customer's perception of your information, your e-minicourse must have a kick butt title.

"Quit Your Job Minicourse" turns into "Take Back Your Life: 3 Tips To Leave Your Job Forever!"

Writing high impact titles for your minicourse comes from a) Understanding exactly what your market wants and what you have to help them, and b) Finding the right words to quickly capture their attention, interest and desire. Like all great copywriters, create a swipe file of successful ads to draw upon for tips on wording.

3. Don't be afraid to sell your product

I must admit, I made this mistake many times, before trying the format template over at:

At first, it felt uncomfortable putting multiple links back to my product and shortening up my overall lessons - but by following the formula of setting the challenge then telling WHAT the reader should do to overcome their challenge was a perfect lead-in to the "Advanced" or "Ultimate Fast Track" method to accomplish the "WHAT".

Underlying all of these mistakes is the mistake that giving people more, they will buy.

Problem is, everyone is extremely busy, their attention is split among multiple thoughts, they only half pay attention to what they are reading - so you have to be short, blunt, impactful and clear on what action they should take next to overcome their challenge.

It's a tough lesson to learn, thats why I always recommend people follow the simple, highly effective template outlined here: and let that format work for you. That way, you think less, and you get to see what really works, eventually you'll slap your forehead and say Ahhhhhhh. From that point on - you'll never write an ineffective mincourse again - think about the potential of finding THE minicourse format that works?

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