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"WHO Will Buy Your Products?
Why Answering This Online Marketing Question
Will Make You Rich!"

Copyright 2004 - Jeff Smith

I have to admit, this week's article was written out of sheer frustration and some pity.

Many people have contacted me lately asking online marketing questions before they have even picked a product to sell.

The ask, "Should I run a Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to site X" I get asked?

"To sell what product I ask?"

The response is usually a high-level suggestion of an extremely general topic like..."something to do with marketing" or "helping people save money doing X"

All of a sudden, I drop the bomb that catches almost everyone off guard...

"Who are you going to sell this product to?"

Now, one of two things happen, either I lose them for a few minutes OR the response is that "I will sell it to anyone who want to save money with X?"


Here's a little tip that comes from years of trial-and- error, thousands of lost dollars and more advice than you can pack into one lifetime -- and you know what?

You won't find this tip in Online Marketing books, tapes or seminars.


First - find out who you are going to sell your products to and THEN go find out what they want.


You see, without a clear understanding of WHO will buy your products you have no idea....

1. What they want
2. How to reach them
3. If they will buy what you offer
4. How many of them are there
5. How to market to them
6. How much they will pay for what you offer

I certainly don't blame anyone who wants to skip past this tedious task of finding out who to sell to.

First of all, it takes work to find target markets - you have to identify a group of people who have similar characteristics such as: profession, personal traits, geography, desires, demographics, hobbbies, etc...

Second, you have to give up the thought that you are going to sell what you offer to everyone -- and understand that by focusing on a smaller, defined group you will put much more money in your pocket in the long-term.

Third, you have to have RAZOR sharp focus - something many of us are unwilling to do as it takes effort, discipline, planning, and confidence. Something many new business entrepreneurs and online marketers are lacking in their quest to turn their frustrating situations into immediate riches.


I was driving down our major highway yesterday, on my way back from an outing with my kids when I noticed a sign titled "Wine Storage!"

What was it?

Someone had the smarts to NOT compete with the thousands of other storage warehouses in the city, but to designate a section of their storage targeted at Wine Lovers.

How easy would it be to find wine lovers versus finding people who wanted to store stuff?

Can I find mailing lists for people who like to store STUFF? Not likely.

Can I find mailing lists for people who are wine lovers.


Another example -- you know those hand car wash garages that sit in many villages around the country. You drive your car in, deposit a few bucks and you get the priveledge of spraying your car until you get your frustrations out.

How about a PET WASH.

Pretty ingenious right?

I spoke with the owner and figures he brings in 30% more business just based on people coming in on the weekend to wash their pets.

So - what about your products or services?

What about your online marketing business?

Do you FIRST target a group of people you can reach and THEN give them something they want badly?

It really can make the difference between making allot of money online or struggling to get by.

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