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Great advice on being an entrepreneur from Tim Ferris, Daymond John,


Some interesting tips around:

1. Designing your own business 'or muse' as Tim Ferris calls it

2. How to scale your business starting small and moving to distribution and expansion

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So much of our success, motivation and momentum in business starts with having a high-demand, red-hot business idea.

On the other hand, many of you reading this right now fancy yourselves as savvy entrepreneurs who have ideas, but somehow need to make a call around which idea you will focus on and which one will catapult you into the levels of successful business owner.

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More than half of the people that take our 6-Week Fast-Track Profit Program inside InfoMarketer'sZone already have their own website and are not making any (or at least enough) money.

My guess is that many of you fall into that camp, or at least are entering the "wild and wacky" world of online marketing and will be in the position shortly to test your chops at being able to convert "invisible" visitors into champion buyers on a large scale.

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Fascinating glimpse into the mind of how super investor Chris Saca has gotten it RIGHT with so many investments including early-stage bets on Uber, Twitter, Wordpress and more…


Love his simple principles:

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Rocking episode of the Online Business Platinum Podcast show today…we go in-depth around blogging and website (setup around Wordpress) tips and strategies. ¬†Specifically, we talk about focusing your blog around a specific niche versus around a general market then we cover how to choose themes, templates and plugins for your blog (or Wordpress-based website) and finally we talk about why you want to have your own product as part of your monetization strategy online.

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You're going to want to listen to this episode of Online Business Platinum Podcast.  In this episode we talk about:

1. Why thinking POOR is FAR worse than being poor when it comes to starting a business

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If you are just out of the gate starting your own online business OR expanding into a market where you do not yet have a product of your own then you may be wondering if you should enter that market by marketing an affiliate product before jumping in with your own product.

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I had a call last evening with someone who joined us over at InfoMarketer'sZone that will help me help you!

This person had been "thinking about", "planning" and "wishing" he had his own online business for the last 5-years…my guess is it's been even longer than that.

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I was asked by one of our members over at InfoMarketer'sZone whether she needed a blog, a list, a product OR a membership site…here was my answer:

product-sequenceLet me briefly explain.

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So much of your ability to gain attention, interest and desire today hinge on reputation, social breadth and recommendation we have to ask ourselves what that means for effectively marketing our business today and into the near future.

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