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Welcome – killer show for you today…we talk about:

  1. Facebook Advertising Рwhen you should use it, how to use it and how to keep from losing your shirt (as well as your pants, shorts and anything else you are wearing) 

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The #1 complaint we hear by those who take the journey into launching their own teaching, coaching or knowledge-based business with us at InfoMarketer'sZone is the PAIN associated to developing their own products.

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How do you drive though barriers and get to the next level in your career, business, or life?

What is it that will allow you to have more influence, reach more people and contribute more to the people and markets in your life and business?

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Ask any successful entrepreneur what the difference is between them and the thousands of others that gave up along the way and they will tell you it is the ability to drive past obstacles, the biggest one being fear.

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Powerful edition of Online Business Platinum Podcast – in this edition we cover:

  • What it means to be a content MAKER versus being a content CONSUMER¬†
  • What is preventing you from having more hustle

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Have you noticed that today's self-made business success stories all have books?

What you may NOT have noticed is that their first (and sometimes their second and third…) book is often self-published…they get out there and build a brand for themselves, use the book as their business card and launch themselves into massive businesses.

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We can only learn so much through instruction, and often what we do learn through instruction is NOT the most important part.

Our capacity to remember and gain deep knowledge through instruction is actually quite limited.

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Three powerful topics for growing your business profits in this edition of the Online Business Platinum Podcast -

  • Learning how to bounce back quickly when you face challenges. setbacks or failures

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Can You Still Make Money Online?

For all of you who constantly ask us, is it still possible to go from nothing to $10,000/month or more online – the answer is OF COURSE!

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I'm constantly pulled into these bizarre arguments with people who haven't yet built successful businesses that say "you don't need to have passion for what you are doing".


Listen to Steve Jobs in this video clip – he says it better than I could have:

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