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The measure of a successful business or entrepreneur is not what you are able to accomplish on the days when you are rolling, but rather how you can stretch out your effort and results on the days when you don't feel your best.

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Just back from vacation ready to roll folks.

How about you – did you manage to escape the heat and enjoy some vacation time?

This episode is HOT – really useful and practical stuff that will make a huge difference in your life and your business.

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What do you guys think of Grant Cardone's rather controversial statement that "There is no more middle class?"



Grant's latest book is interesting – "The 10X Rule" - in a nutshell this book is designed to make us believe that we need to work harder and smarter, give us a boot in the ass to do more and perhaps most important, understand that we should be doing more to build our own brand.

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Remember the saying "It's Who You Know" not "What You Know" that makes the difference when it comes to success in business?

The game has changed again, now… "It's Who Knows YOU" that matters more than "Who You Know"

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I received this question from one of our Information Marketer's Zone members a few weeks ago and thought it would be valuable to share with you.

The question was:

"What Is Working In Your OnlineĀ Business?"

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When it comes to marketing yourself and your online business you need a platform, a place to present your audience with the best content, assistance, recommendations, and offers as your marketing fan-out brings you the traffic and notice you need to get attention.

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I've always had the mentality that investing for growth is far more important than just saving to live.

My parents have a different perspective, but then they grew up in an era where 1) Out of the Great Depression you started with next to nothing – where scarcity was built into your DNA and 2) Where the 1970's inflation bubble meant you saw returns of 14% + on your money, and even though this was largely an illusion because everything around you was going through double-digit price increases, at least it APPEARED as though you could just save and watch your money grow in your bank account.

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I came across an example I just had to show you today in my Facebook feed.

Several people we are working with through Information Marketer's Zone have been asking how they should be using Facebook (or Twitter/Instagram) to promote their content.

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Some of you asked for more information regarding yesterday's post about Billionaire Robert Duggan's rise from nothing to multi-Billionaire quickly moving up the Forbes charts as one of the wealthiest people in the US.

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Here's a hint – it has to do with the definition of "Genius"

Learn why most of us make being happy, being a genius or expert and being innovative out of our reach…this was THE difference for Robert helping him become a Billionaire

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