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Sometimes I believe we try to over-complicate the process of growing an online business so that we have an EXCUSE to blame our lack of success when in fact, building a business is fairly straightforward, and just takes a kick-ass work ethic and effort.

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If you have been plugged in at ALL into marketing your business and products online you will have come across the concept of Product Launch

Truth be told, we all launch our products one way or another – the difference is how effective are those launches in bringing in immediate profit and momentum for your online business?

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Go ahead and tee up this great video recorded this past Monday by Gary Vaynerchuck…

If you are feeling anything but motivated, pumped and filled with gratitude about the opportunity in front of you – then watch this video, change your state and get moving!

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For many of us involved in the "advice" business, otherwise known as information product marketing, knowledge products, training, education, etc…it can be challenging to know where to draw the line between free content versus paid content.

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I get daily emails and requests from blog readers and InfoMarketer'sZone members around how they can make money with their own ebooks.

Why not…ebooks are a thriving market with more and more people each day buying and consuming ebooks from a variety of platforms including Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay and many other sources.

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Many of you reading this blog know we have been creating, marketing and selling information products ourselves for nearly two decades now and have helped untold thousands of others do the same through Info Marketer'sZone – what you may NOT know is this concept of "Utility" and how important it is to today's product ideas and creation.

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I used to wonder if there was something wrong with me…when I would set about tackling a plan, task or activity it was like I was in a tunnel isolated completely from everyone and everything around me.

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What is your view on setbacks, challenges or even failure?

Do you live your life and operate your business trying to avoid setbacks or challenges?

For many entrepreneurs their view of hitting a challenge in their market, product, customer reach or financial situation is akin to falling into a booby trap – but is that REALLY what setbacks or challenges mean to your business?

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Gary Vaynerchuck is one of the dudes I follow closely – not because he gets everything right or I agree with everything he says – but simply because this guy executes at the speed of light…meaning we can learn a ton about what works and doesn't work in business from him.

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One of the most common questions we get on this blog and inside Information Marketer's Zone, especially around entering the info product or knowledge product ("expert") business is based on the concern that the market is already tapped out – that there are already experts and there is no room left to really make a killing.

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