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I am constantly blown away by the innovation Gary Vaynerchuck shows in leading the use of new platforms and evolving the entire practice of Marketing – as much Marketing goes on, there are really very few innovators these days.

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business-successA major part of wanting to be a successful entrepreneur and run your own business is so that you will be happy and can bring happiness and satisfaction to your marketplace.  

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The latest edition of the Online Business Platinum Podcast is now up – in this episode we talk about:

1. How to start your online business – here's what comes first (and all of the things that DON'T)

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Great video, why Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec started his own business – it may surprise you!


The surprising reason 'Shark Tank' investor Robert Herjavec started his own company.

Posted by Business Insider on Friday, May 15, 2015

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Dose of reality for "WANTrepreneurs" versus Entrepreneurs.  I hear these questions nearly every day…Gary has the best answer though and it begs the question – are you even close to successfully building your business?

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When you first start looking at starting your own online business, the options can be dizzying and the clarity of direction more than a little foggy can't they?

Do you just jump in and start a website?

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You may be surprised to hear an experienced business person who has used internet marketing to start and expand many businesses over the years say that list building is not required…

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Each day we execute around our various online businesses, some things work, some things don't – but we learn each and every day and have for more than a decade now.

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The concept of using Private Label Rights material to help simplify and speed up information publishing is a very contentious, hotly debated topic.

As usual, the answer is not a simple black and white response – there are those that argue you can throw a bunch of crappy PLR material into a package and sell it while there are others that will tell you never to touch the stuff.

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In this video we pull out the 3 key principles to building your own high-profit, high growth online business directly from our many coaching clients over at InfoMarketer'sZone


Have a question or thought to share on this video – leave us a comment.

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