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A very important part of why you want to start your own business or venture is being less dependent on others – on other words having lifestyle and financial Freedom!

Indeed, freedom was the #1 factor that drove me to continually build and grow businesses over the last 15-years – by far freedom has provided the tipping point for keeping me motivated, working through challenges, forcing me to take action (especially when you really don't want to) and giving me the mindset that I believe is absolutely fundamental to success in life – certainty of your desired outcome.

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Are you banging your head against the wall trying to grow a business online?

Maybe you are trying to sell as an Amazon affiliate, a Clickbank ebook affiliate or you have setup your e-commerce store…but what happens when the sales don't come streaming in?

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How To Move From Passive To Active, Your Own $1,000/hour Coaching Business, How To Create A Product When You Know "Nothing"…In This Week's Issue

Heading into a long weekend, wanted to keep this issue short, to the point and extremely valuable for you.

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When it comes to selling information, advice, consulting and coaching online I constantly get asked…

  1. Why would someone PAY me for this information when they could find it for free online somewhere else?

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Don't most people have the desire to move from making a living to making a fortune?

To pay off all of the bills, debt and commitments and still have money left over to upgrade their life?

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There are tons of online businesses that never break even, even more than earn a "hobby" income for their startup entrepreneur.

The challenge is how to become a top online business, an internet business that you can scale and continue to grow and eventually sell for a $Million or more…if you want to.

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Why do so many aspiring entrepreneurs fail to take the action required to build and grow their business into a success?

Have you struggled with moving beyond the "wishing", "planning", "learning" and "wanting" stages into a full-blown, massive action phase in your own business?

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Money may not create all of your problems, and for some people, money can make problems worse (if you don't know how to handle it or haven't got your priorities correct) – however, for most people money DOES make a huge impact on your life.

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When it comes to building your own online business, one of the best approaches is to sell your own products.

That can mean software, licensed products (drop-shipped or stocked) or more likely, information products (books, ebooks, seminars, video series, etc…)

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Niches, Top Performing Entrepreneur Secrets And Beliefs…IMPORTANT Stuff!

Welcome, hope you are having a terrific weekend.

As I put this week's Online Marketing Tips together I'm looking out my window at a somewhat cool and rainy day…a reminder that there are only a few weeks of summer left leading us into the last Quarter of 2014!

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