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So many decisions today on what offer to put in front of our customers is tainted by what you have to offer instead of what will actually be best for your customer.

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If you are remotely interested in writing top selling books, ebooks or create information products of any kind, this video is a Gold Mine of nuggets from two best-selling authors – Tim Ferris (4-Hour Work Week) and Neil Strauss (7 Best Sellers)

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sell info productsThere is no better way to improve your profits, gain overnight brand awareness and build the foundation for a very high-growth online business than releasing your own hot-selling info product.

Ebooks, books, home study courses, membership sites, seminars, video series…they are all highly profitable products that you can create in 4-6 weeks as long as you stick to a few important principles:

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Are you considering taking a second job to catch up on unpaid debt or to try and finally get ahead securing some extra spending money?

You are not alone, everywhere I go more and more people are taking second jobs to try and make ends meet or with the hope of accelerating their path the financial freedom (though these days that path is becoming less and less certain).

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make money online These days, the target most often in the head of an individual who wants to start his own online business is $1Million.

How can they reach that magic $1 Million in the next 1-2 years…nearly everyone we help on their journey at InfoMarketer'sZone has that either in the front or back of their mind.

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Self-publishing has become such a viable option to get your book to market these days the choice on whether to pursue traditional publishing or self-publishing has become much tougher.

Each week we get a sizable number of those who read this blog and certainly those that work through our 6-week self-publishing program asking questions about the traditional publishing route versus self-publishing.   Although there are many advantages of self-publishing to be sure, there are still advantages in terms of distribution and in  terms of added credibility in securing a traditional publishing deal.

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internet business modelWhat is your favorite online business model and why?  With more than a dozen years running online businesses, here's our take…make sure you leave a comment and let us know yours.

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Over the past 20-years we have started, sold and continue to run very successful businesses.  In addition to all of this we have had a hand in several hundred other top businesses, some via friends or mentors we have lent our help to while others have paid to benefit from our experience.

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writing ideasRemember how many times I have shared the secret to writing massively successful information products like how-to ebooks, courses, membership sites, seminars and training programs…

The Secret To Success Marketing Your Own Info Products Is To Help Bring About Transformation In Your Prospect's Life In An Area With Such Urgency They Are Willing To Pay For Help

Sounds obvious enough right?

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If you are an entrepreneur, small business person, online marketer or would like to become one of these – watch this video and tell me this isn't one of the absolute most fascinating, entertaining and useful raw interviews you have ever seen…

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