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more traffic Having a challenge getting quality traffic and sales to your website?

Join the club…the fact is that of the billions of websites out there only a tiny fraction get the kind of quality traffic that makes significant profit for their owners.

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have to be expertIt stops most entrepreneurs, especially ebook writers and information publishers in their tracks…they feel they must be an "expert" in their niche market before they can get started.

Yet you look at many of the ebook and book information publishers out there today that have made it big, who appear to be experts really weren't when they started.

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One of the most important, most fulfilling and most effective things I have ever done affecting personal and professional aspects of my life in incredibly positive ways is to write my first ebook.

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There are only a handful of tools and services I have used my ENTIRE time (over 10-years!) building and growing online businesses, one of those services is my autorresponder service from Aweber

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I've been building businesses for nearly 20-years now, it's in my blood and something I find incredibly fulfilling – I can't think of my life without it.

That's perhaps the reason (or even the result of) following entrepreneurs who align their entire lives around their passion for making a difference, being everything they can be through business.

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It seems everywhere you look, online businesses have blogs.  The obvious question for you to ask is "Do I Need To Start A Blog?"

Starting a blog is a little like getting pregnant, there is no middle ground…either you go ALL IN and adopt blogging as one of your top 1-3 methods of building a platform and generating traffic for your online business or you should stay away.

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If belief is all that stands in the way of you writing your own ebook or book, then taking a look around, the revolution in "entrepreneurial authorship" should make a believer out of you and finally help turn your "wishes" and "dreams" into reality.

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how to find a mentorOne of the questions I get asked most by new entrepreneurs is around finding and then learning from business mentors.

Questions you may have include:

  • When should I seek out or find a mentor?

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I've had this "chink" in my armor for years now, it took a conversation on a business forum about why so many small businesses fail to give me the motivation to put it into words.

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This Monday marked a black day for online marketers, internet businesses, SEO specialists, and really everyone who uses the internet as Google has made the most fundamental change EVER impacting visibility of search patterns across the internet.

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