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We get the privilege of working with some of the leading online entrepreneurs inside Information Marketer's Zone which also gives us tremendous insight into how the top online marketers strike a balance between romancing their niche and applying savvy marketing techniques to persuade and close the deal.

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quit day jobI get asked all the time, "When will I know it is the "right" time to quit my day job?"

Whether your plan is to expand a business you already have or start a new business, writing your own ebooks or books or starting your own service business, there are different thresholds for each person…but there are some general guidelines you can bank on.

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your own ebookThe thought of having our own ebook and selling it online as a new profit stream is not just a dream for many, it becomes an obsession.

More and more we hear stories of working people who have spent years dreaming of writing a book or ebook and suddenly, within months that dream has come true…some achieving incredible heights of success with their very first ebook.

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traffic to blogNo matter how much we enjoy and believe in blog posting as a method of generating traffic, interest and conversation around our interests and businesses online, we can always use more Google love…am I right?

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It's funny, I started online business back in 1999 by creating my own information products right out of the gate.

There wasn't a heck of a lot else to sell back then, inspired by one of the only ebooks I knew of at the time - Car Secrets Revealed by the late, great Corey Rudl.

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sell info products onlineNOTE:  There is a BIG question at the bottom of this post that I would love for you to answer, can't wait to see your response :-)

You know how the New Year brings that extra enthusiasm, hope and urgency – even if last year ended on a stressful or frustrating note?

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It took me years to be able to answer the question I received from so many people when I launched my first ebook back in 2000 and it sold thousands of copies in the first month.

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sell info product onlineWill this be the year that you come out with your own non-fiction, info product like an ebook or book?

I hope by now you have noticed that self publishing your own ebook or book is a key (if not THE key) to launching your new (or renewing) interest in you and your company.

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Welcome to 2014!

Have you started off 2014 with a positive attitude?

More than ever my experience tells me that your attitude governs your altitude…in other words if you start 2014 really convinced that this year will be big for you and your family (even if you are not quite sure how or why yet) then you have ignited a spark that can turn into massive returns through this fine year.

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