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Hi all…hope you have been enjoying your summer so far this season.

Just returned from a very relaxing 10-days at remote cottage with my family…after overcoming the initial shock of not being connected, we had an incredible, fun and sometimes crazy vacation.  Hoping you can relate.

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Most of my time is spent taking action…not waiting for someone to tell me what to do.

I have found this to be much more effective in leading markets, first to try, first to get feedback, first to fail and yes…first to succeed!

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Did you know that one of the best, fastest and most effective ways to start your own business online and bring in massive profit is sitting right under your nose?

Actually, to be more accurate, it's sitting right between your ears…all you have to do is understand how to turn your knowledge, experiences and interests into useful how-to, information products.

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Canada Day FlagAs Canadians, pride in our country, history and land is perhaps not very obvious to those from other countries.

True, we don't beat our chest, flaunt our greatness or always opt for the biggest pomp and ceremony…ours is an understated, but deeply held pride, like someone who is strong and silent but confident in their own skin.

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Like it or not, Google has OWNED search online for the last decade (the beta version of Google Search came out in 1999 for you history buffs, two years AFTER Yahoo refused to buy Google for $1M – ouch!)

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I get asked quite often why someone should pay $60, $80 or even above $100 for ebook cover graphics from a professional ebook cover designer when they can find someone on Fiverr or other discount freelance sites for $5-$20 that "claims" they can do the same job.

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Now that it is so easy to write and self-publish your own ebook or book, it becomes more important than ever to understand what will make your book sell instead of being lost in the crowd.

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What makes a successful entrepreneur?

I'm sure you are like me, you've seen successful entrepreneur's that fit many different profiles – extrovert, introvert, charismatic, behind-the-scenes, in exciting markets and markets that you may think are not exciting.

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We all have different reasons for wanting to write a book, it could be:

  • Sharing a passion for a hobby or interest (Cooking, sewing, pets, wine, running, a craft, music, etc…)

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How many of you are guilty of this very addictive behavior…starting projects before you have finished the last one?

It's sort of like opening up that shiny new toy at Christmas, but to keep from losing that "new toy rush" you quickly move to another one and open it…then another, and another.

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