market researchI've worked with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs online and offline through Information Marketer'sZone who struggle with one aspect of their business or another…it could be picking a niche, finding products that sell, understanding who their customers are and what they really want, or improving conversions of various marketing elements – web pages, squeeze pages, email marketing, ads, etc…

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Although I can ask 9 out of 10 people if they want to write a book in their lifetime and get a resounding YES, the fact remains that less than 1 in that 9 will ever do anything about it.

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I get asked weekly for recommendations on who aspiring online entrepreneurs should seek out for internet marketing coaching.

Although 98% of the time I spend on our internet businesses is on the actual business of serving customers, I do from time-to-time take on coaching projects.

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create content

One of the toughest challenges we hear from our subscribers and entrepreneurs within Information Marketer's Zone is around how you can produce content (written, audio or video) that grabs attention and generates action from your marketplace.

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The tendency for entrepreneurs with tremendous focus, energy and persistence is a necessary and very useful one in getting a company off the ground and making profits.

However, this tendency can also be destructive in the sense that many entrepreneurs we coach over at Information Marketer'sZone are blinded to the forest by the trees.

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write your ebookWhat happens when you really, really want to write your own ebook but can't find the time to get it finished or struggle with the research it takes to complete your ebook?

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Building your own online business or offline venture will make you CRAZY!

There seems like 1000 things to do, know about or explore all while a clock is loudly ticking in your left ear telling you that you need to get things moving, need to get closer to seeing some results, need to start making profit.

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My weeks are insanely busy…hustling BIG TIME on a plan each week that is always 110% loaded, two boys heavy into sports rounds out the week.

My philosophy has always been that action and momentum trump all…so there is very little time in the week for sitting around pondering life or thinking about doing things, it's mostly about doing with some focused meditation between to keep my mind and body charged for the next surge.

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selling ebooks

Your Own Ebook

I have been selling information online since 2ooo, we now sell everything from reports to high-end training and membership sites but our bread-and-butter products are ebooks.

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One of the most common questions we get about posting your own ebook, video files or digital information products for sale and download online is how to secure those digital downloads so that non-paying customers can't steal them from you.

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