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In this video we share important business building concepts such as "Beliefs vs Reality About Business Growth", "How To Fail Fast" and some examples of setbacks you are likely to see and how to turn those into positives and profit for your business…

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Controlling The Noise

beat-the-noiseSerenity now! Serenity Now!

Remember the Seinfeld episode when George's Dad used this expression to control his stress level?

That same level of frustration is what most of us deal with on a daily basis when we are starting and growing our businesses.

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We all have the concept of "live within your means" or "save a penny is earning a penny" engrained deeply in our brains by the time we are 10-years old…and it doesn't stop there.

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entrepreneur-wealthImage courtesy of Sheela Mohan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Do you remember what you were doing at age 14?

I remember cutting a few lawns and using the $10 or so I received to buy the latest record album and some junk food…you can bet that money was gone within 24-48 hours though.

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Are You ALL IN?

Think about your top achievements in life to this point, were they the result of you putting 50% effort, 60% effort or even 90% effort?

Think about simple things like overcoming an illness, buying your first home, getting your first real job, even learning to ride a bike or drive a car.

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You would be hard-pressed to see anyone successful in online or offline business today that does not have their own line of "how to" informational ebooks, books, courses or info products.

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How do you get from the desire to make money online to actually reaching your goal?

I call this the "Dreamer's Gap", the difference between "wanting" and "wishing" to make a profit from your own online business to seeing the money in your bank account.

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A very important part of why you want to start your own business or venture is being less dependent on others – on other words having lifestyle and financial Freedom!

Indeed, freedom was the #1 factor that drove me to continually build and grow businesses over the last 15-years – by far freedom has provided the tipping point for keeping me motivated, working through challenges, forcing me to take action (especially when you really don't want to) and giving me the mindset that I believe is absolutely fundamental to success in life – certainty of your desired outcome.

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Are you banging your head against the wall trying to grow a business online?

Maybe you are trying to sell as an Amazon affiliate, a Clickbank ebook affiliate or you have setup your e-commerce store…but what happens when the sales don't come streaming in?

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How To Move From Passive To Active, Your Own $1,000/hour Coaching Business, How To Create A Product When You Know "Nothing"…In This Week's Issue

Heading into a long weekend, wanted to keep this issue short, to the point and extremely valuable for you.

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