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I've been building businesses for nearly 20-years now, it's in my blood and something I find incredibly fulfilling – I can't think of my life without it.

That's perhaps the reason (or even the result of) following entrepreneurs who align their entire lives around their passion for making a difference, being everything they can be through business.

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It seems everywhere you look, online businesses have blogs.  The obvious question for you to ask is "Do I Need To Start A Blog?"

Starting a blog is a little like getting pregnant, there is no middle ground…either you go ALL IN and adopt blogging as one of your top 1-3 methods of building a platform and generating traffic for your online business or you should stay away.

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If belief is all that stands in the way of you writing your own ebook or book, then taking a look around, the revolution in "entrepreneurial authorship" should make a believer out of you and finally help turn your "wishes" and "dreams" into reality.

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how to find a mentorOne of the questions I get asked most by new entrepreneurs is around finding and then learning from business mentors.

Questions you may have include:

  • When should I seek out or find a mentor?

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I've had this "chink" in my armor for years now, it took a conversation on a business forum about why so many small businesses fail to give me the motivation to put it into words.

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This Monday marked a black day for online marketers, internet businesses, SEO specialists, and really everyone who uses the internet as Google has made the most fundamental change EVER impacting visibility of search patterns across the internet.

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When you are 110% convinced that you will achieve success in your business, that nothing will stop you no matter what and that your self confidence is resilient enough to withstand objections, temporary glitches and resets – you can join this legendary list of "losers" who became wild successes in business.

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fail internet marketingWhen it comes to starting your own business many aspiring entrepreneurs choose to market their products or services online using internet marketing.

Internet marketing is attractive for several reasons:

  1. Low cost of start-up

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grow membership site

Membership sites are a terrific way to develop a stable, recurring and high-end income from your internet business.

However, this only happens if you can retain subscribers for longer than the average retention rate of 3-4 months.

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write ebook

Less than a decade ago, publishing your own book was for celebrities, career (aka starving) authors and experts…not the type of thing you or I could fathom doing part-time and a tiny budget and expect it to return anything significant in terms of attention, interest or profit.

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