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write a bookI was thinking back to my years of experience writing non-fiction material including all of the other writers and entrepreneurs I have met, learned from and helped over the last 20-years and surprised even myself with how few of them any had formal writing experience.

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A major part of online marketing is about getting a new visitor to your blog, website, forum, video or social network site landing page to take action — either sign up to your list or click through to buy something from you.

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online marketing basics

As someone who has built dozens of businesses online and offline and have hundreds of thousands of pages of content across 4-niche markets, I do tend to get asked quite frequently questions around getting started with the basics of online marketing.

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It never ceases to amaze me that successful entrepreneurs can have such different personalities, excel in completely different markets, have vastly different strengths and skills and yet there are some fundamental principles that seem to underlie them all.

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When it comes to dominating your niche markets through internet marketing, it won't happen by accident.  Instead, researching everything from your market to how they search the internet is critical to achieving top online marketing results.

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Could you make $100,000/month writing your own self-published books or e-books?

As avid self-publishers ourselves and teachers to many others through Information Marketer'sZone - we know that it is possible, but that many people will never reach anything near these results…we're going to share why below.

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Being an avid information product entrepreneur, one of my favorite people is Jeff Walker – otherwise known as the Product Launch Formula creator, he's not only a genius online marketer and teacher, but he is a great person.

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One of the most effective and fastest ways to build a following and gain trust in your marketplace is with your own niche information product.

Having your own self-published book, ebook, training course, membership site or other information program not only creates an immediate product to sell and a means to creating a new stream of income, but it instantly tags you as an "expert" in your field…someone to trust, pay attention to elevate in your niche market.

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Do you have an idea in your mind of how you could someday become a millionaire?

Watch this short 3-minute video and hear 20 ideas for making a million dollars that range from:

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write your bookThe #1 factor keeping people from realizing the dream and profits from writing a book is time.

We constantly hear about authors that took 1-year or 2-years to write their book or ebook and most people simply cannot fit that into their lives right now – if ever!

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