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Membership sites are a terrific way to develop a stable, recurring and high-end income from your internet business.

However, this only happens if you can retain subscribers for longer than the average retention rate of 3-4 months.

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write ebook

Less than a decade ago, publishing your own book was for celebrities, career (aka starving) authors and experts…not the type of thing you or I could fathom doing part-time and a tiny budget and expect it to return anything significant in terms of attention, interest or profit.

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source website trafficWe all realize that Google is the gatekeeper of most search traffic and controls a fair amount of ad traffic too.

We also understand, as experienced and smart business owners that we need diversity built into our business model, especially when it comes to getting traffic, leads and sales for our online business.

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All that stands in the way of the common dream to write an ebook and the reality of living your life writing, marketing and enjoying your new life as a successful ebook writer is a topic for most people.

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Just back from a great family vacation that took us from Ottawa down through Vermont, New Hampshire and into Maine where we kicked back and enjoyed the beach for a few days followed by some touring around Boston before heading home.

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How the opportunity for writing and marketing your own non-fiction information products has changed (and for the better!)

When I started in this business, you had two opportunities to establish your brand and make money with your own information products…

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I just had to jump over and put together this blog post IF ONLY to prevent myself from running out onto my deck and screaming at the top of my lungs…has the whole world gone MAD!

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start online businessThere are many things to consider when taking the leap and deciding to start your own online business.

For many people, the transition to becoming an entrepreneur happens during upheaval in their lives…a change of career, being let go from their job, going through a major physical or emotional health challenge or simply being fed up with where they are in life.

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write a bookI was thinking back to my years of experience writing non-fiction material including all of the other writers and entrepreneurs I have met, learned from and helped over the last 20-years and surprised even myself with how few of them any had formal writing experience.

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A major part of online marketing is about getting a new visitor to your blog, website, forum, video or social network site landing page to take action — either sign up to your list or click through to buy something from you.

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