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Now that it is so easy to write and self-publish your own ebook or book, it becomes more important than ever to understand what will make your book sell instead of being lost in the crowd.

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What makes a successful entrepreneur?

I'm sure you are like me, you've seen successful entrepreneur's that fit many different profiles – extrovert, introvert, charismatic, behind-the-scenes, in exciting markets and markets that you may think are not exciting.

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We all have different reasons for wanting to write a book, it could be:

  • Sharing a passion for a hobby or interest (Cooking, sewing, pets, wine, running, a craft, music, etc…)

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How many of you are guilty of this very addictive behavior…starting projects before you have finished the last one?

It's sort of like opening up that shiny new toy at Christmas, but to keep from losing that "new toy rush" you quickly move to another one and open it…then another, and another.

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One of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes completely changed the way I thought about risk in my life several years ago – here's the quote:

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.  You are already naked.  There is no reason not to follow your heart."

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How would you like to have your own ebooks selling on Amazon Kindle, Clickbank or from your own website in 6-weeks or less?

Sounds like a big promise, I don't use those words lightly…if we hadn't developed several information products ourselves AND helped many others (through InfoMarketer'sZone), I wouldn't be throwing these type of statements out.

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How do you reach the next level in your career or life?

Or even better, how do you leapfrog past the next level and reach a level that you previously had thought was not even possible?

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I've been involved with and started enough businesses to know that the most successful businesses don't always come down to being led by the smartest, most talented or even hardest working people, instead there is a missing X factor that is often misunderstood, or at least not spoken of…

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Everyone believes they have a handle on what it takes to get ahead, and though each person will have a different variation of what "success" truly means (even change that definition multiple times in their own lives), there are some general principles that most of us will agree on make the difference.

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