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New podcast for you peeps…looking forward to sharing tons of information with you guys and look forward to your feedback, questions and comments.   Here's episode #1 – like the kickoff?

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Having gone through the process of writing a book more than a dozen different times now, it doesn't surprise me as much as it used to when I see people apply themselves and complete their book writing project in a relatively short period of time (weeks or even days).

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Wanting to improve our financial position and become more wealthy is a nearly universal desire.  We may have different reasons for wanting to be wealthy…

  • Get out of debt
  • Freedom from being locked in a job we don't like

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Operating the leading mentoring site for e-book writers and information marketers we obviously get a truckload of questions around how you can write an ebook from scratch and succeed.

In many cases people come to us with some history, a passion, a life experience, past career success, a professional client base, or some spark that ignites their interest in enhancing their income and market presence by writing an ebook or book.

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One of the most challenging steps to starting your online business is to set the framework for that business including:

  • What market will you target
  • What need or desire will you focus on

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I get asked fairly frequently about finding a way to completely outsource a product creation and product launch – a sort of  "info-product" business in a box if you will.

It seems logical, that you could find someone out there that could identify an opportunity, produce one or more products and setup a launch including a sales funnel so that within a few weeks you can be operating your own online infoproduct business.

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There's no doubt that the age-old market for buying "how-to", training products – often referred to as information products, or just infoproducts – continues to grow into the Billions of dollars offering a very powerful way for entrepreneurs to start a business online and build a profitable, full-time income within 6-12 months.

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We made a very big shift across our businesses this year that has paid off BIG – I wanted to share it with you today because it seems many of you starting and growing online businesses have the same objectives.

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I had a new signup over at Information Marketer'sZone we have been working closely with as he makes his way through the first week of the video training.

Believe it or not, the question he asked was "Who buys information products?"

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Imagine someone as influential, well known and good at publicity as Sir Richard Branson doing a "Morning Breakfast Q&A" on Facebook?

Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about the power of using social networking for engagement?

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