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Building an online business is like anything else in life, there are those few who really achieve BIG and there are the many who spin around in circles and can't seem to get anywhere near the same results.

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I often get asked by people who join us over at Information Marketer's Zone – "should I start an online business around a niche market that I know nothing about?"

The "intuitive" answer I can hear many of you say isĀ  – NO…starting a business around a niche that you have no experience or have no inside knowledge about is just a dumb thing to do…right?

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When we have someone join us over at InfoMarketer'sZone and their intent is to help fast-track starting and growing their own profitable internet business, the first principle they MUST quickly understand and apply is…

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When I get asked what is "missing" from most businesses by people who join us over at InfoMarketer'sZone, the answer I give most often is "VALUE"

You see, to attract attention, build interest and desire and then get your market to take action that leads to a profitable transaction for you and your business, they must see tremendous Value in what you have to offer (as it is perceived by them)

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What makes one entrepreneur dig deeper, have more persistence and figure out the way to make the biggest profits in his or her industry while many others either "give up" on their dream to own their own business or "make due" with the limited profit they are bringing in without ever realizing their true potential while others find a way to blast through "normal" achieving exceptional results in many areas?

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I hope you have been using Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Massive Action Plan to put together your own online business success plan that you can take right into the first 30-days of the New Year starting off Red-Hot toward achieving your desired outcome.

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Have you worked through Phase 1 of the Massive Action Plan?

If so, have you gone ahead and posted your comment or question about Phase 1 – if not – please head back and do it now.

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massive-resultsAs we promised in our previous blog post, here is Part 1 of the Massive Action Planner helping you get a head start on building your online business into the New Year.

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Hi everyone, hope you are having a terrific Christmas, Holiday or break no matter where you are or what your beliefs are!

Boxing Day has always been a day for me and my family where we get up re-charged, take a collective SIGH…from the busyness of the Season and where my mind begins to wander toward all that is possible in the coming days (regardless of the challenges experienced in the past months)

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So you have a desire to kick off a new blog, or perhaps rekindle a blog that has been neglected and now you have a new plan to bring that old blog back up to being productive instead of sitting there silently in the dark?

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