This Daymond John interview (video below) is one of the best plain language descriptions of what it really takes to start from nothing and build a business, a brand and make it big as an entrepreneur.

On promotional tour for his new book “The Power of Broke” Daymond shares some of his most profound life and business tips – (his book is a MUST read by the way)

Daymond started AND existed on next to nothing for years as he worked to build his business and brand, takeaway’s from Daymond’s story and interview —

– Believe in your product or offer – a MUST
– Be willing to persist through 100 instances of rejection if you get one WIN (not many people are TRULY willing to do this)
– Be creative around OPM (it may not stand for what you think it stands for…)
– Be confident in your own abilities
– Be inclusive rather than exclusive – leverage the mind power of others

Well worth the listen – and certainly worth asking yourself IF you are willing to do what Daymond did on his rise to the top.

What I also noticed in this interview is that Daymond is you or I, far from perfect, far from a genius but has figured out the value of hard work, parking your ego at the door, building solid relationships…


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