One of the most crucial missing links to getting attention, attracting engagement and convincing visitors to take action and buying something from you is to know and intercept the thoughts going on in your prospect’s mind.

Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • You create content that simply doesn’t seem to get noticed or get results
  • You send out emails that don’t get a response
  • You blog until you are blue in the face, but nobody comments or clicks on your links
  • Your ads fall flat, very few people click on them, and those that do, don’t buy
  • Your webinars, videos and social activity seem to end up in a black hole where nobody sees or responds to them

It’s not that you aren’t busy, that you aren’t trying things or working hard – it’s just that something is missing.

That SOMETHING is usually an absence of really connecting with your prospect by tapping into the thoughts and emotions going on inside of their heads right now and pulling them into your content, ads or sales letters from their point of view.

Great copywriters understand this well

If you study Gary Halbert, Joe Sugarman, David Ogilvy among others they will all tell you the most important part of writing copy is getting to know the thoughts, frustrations, motivations and desires of your prospects AS THEY THINK AND FEEL THEM.

I thought I would include a perfect example today, because this is a tough concept for people to understand – and yet it is so fundamental to being effective at marketing online.

sales copy example

I pulled this video clip from a Facebook content piece run by Business Insider around weight loss tips.

If there is one niche market where it seems everything has been written or communicated X10 – it would be weight loss right…but hitting prospects with the right message can lead to massive engagement, interest and response.  In this case, the video from which I took this clip has over 2 Million views, thousands of likes, more than 1000 shares (true engagement) and hundreds of comments.

In other words, it is hitting the mark – and this exact clip shows you one of the reasons why.

Haven’t we ALL been in a situation where we have tried exercise for a period of time (a few days, a few weeks, a few months – it doesn’t matter),but where the results eventually did not meet our expectations and the pain of the workout overcomes the pleasure of the result we are finding?

Of course!  It happens to everyone trying to lose weight at one point or another.

So, the statement highlighted in yellow above “Why Workouts Eventually Stop Working” is so brilliant because it validates a deeply held belief most of us have that exercise eventually doesn’t work, at least by itself and therefore there must be something ELSE…

The greatest works of copywriting (headlines, ads, content pieces, sales letters, etc…) are the ones that make you immediately smack your forehead and think “Exactly! I’ve said that to myself over and over again”

One brilliant insight into someone’s thought patterns, frustrations and beliefs around your topic can make the difference between a highly successful campaign and a campaign that falls flat on its face.

So, if your marketing is not working, stop pushing out the same content and ads – take moment and dissect your market, your prospect and get to know what is going on inside their head.

Then, start testing messages until you hit one that stop them in their tracks…at that point marketing will become FAR more effective, FAR simpler and you will have learned a skill that will put money in your pocket for the rest of your life.


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