Human behavior is such that the desire for information, knowledge and guidance is never ending.  Indeed, the growth of the internet and e-commerce has been largely based on the desire to learn, know and grow.

For our students inside InfoMarketer’sZone, the realization that packaging information and training for profit is such a fundamental desire embedded directly in the human psyche is one of the more overarching learnings and further motivates them to build and grow their online e-book and digital training companies.

It’s no wonder then why the market for e-books, digital information products, and e-learning courses have and continue to grow massively online

How Did We Get Here?

When we started out in the late 1990’s a small number of New York publishers still controlled the vast majority of information and training that was made available through brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Training too was largely controlled either by traditional educational institutions or large-scale training publishers such as Nightengale-Conant.

Things were already starting to change though, for me seeing a fascinating product called “Car Secrets Revealed” from the late Corey Rudl changed everything — it was a simple e-book that provided “insider” secrets based on Corey’s time selling cars – he quickly became an internet sensation and really kicked off the wave in information products which now spans e-books, digital training and e-learning.

I was an early affiliate of Corey’s, attended a seminar where I got to meet him and later invested in his “Internet Secrets Revealed” which was (and remains) one of the absolute best internet marketing courses I have ever come across.

It was VERY clear to me that digital information products and training was about to take off…so we quickly published our first e-book, turned that into a digital training bundle and soon after launched a digital membership site filled with training modules.

The very act of organizing content into a targeted training program or ebook, launching that product on-line and then seeing sales generated from your site is one of the most exciting, liberating and powerful emotions you will ever feel…it is YOUR product that people are buying and depositing their hard-earned money directly into your bank account in exchange for your information.

Fast-forward to today and the opportunity is STAGGERING

How Big Is The Opportunity?

Here are just a few facts that demonstrate the high growth in the market for e-books, digital training, info products and e-learning courses.

Ebooks global sales will grow 93% from 2015 to 2020 reaching $29B – double digit growth each year.

ebook market size growth

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E-Learning market size is already a staggering $51.5B and is becoming more fragmented providing opportunities for individuals to gain additional exposure for their training products – sites such as and Teachable have kicked off an e-larning revolution where you and I can benefit from a growing portion of that $51B while participating in the growth expected in e-learning courses in the coming years.

market size e-learning courses

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Yes, there is more competition than ever, but at the same time the opportunity is growing exceptionally fast…the main point being that this an exceptionally great time to be entering and growing your own e-book, digital training and e-learning course publishing business.

You can find out more inside the Fast-Track System to launching your own digital course or e-book in 4-6 weeks inside InfoMarketer’sZone – we look forward to seeing your first product.



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