Having dozens of books, e-books and courses on the market over the last decade, and having coached thousands of others as they launch their own businesses and enterprises with their own books and e-books, it is valuable to know which book writing topics sell the best.

Here are 5 of the hottest selling macro-niche markets for book writers:

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Attraction
  • Happiness
  • Escape

So many people who want to write a book never get started or are afraid to finish their writing projects because they fear that their topic will not sell.  It is true that you do have to be careful when choosing a market and idea for your book – aligning it with one of the following areas will help put those concerns to rest.

5 Top-Selling Topics For Book Writing:

While there are an unlimited number of specific titles, topics and books for you to write, they key is to target a desire in one of the high-demand niche markets outlined below.  Many non-fiction book writers and digital product creators make the mistake of believing their differentiation comes around the PROBLEM they choose to address when in fact the top challenges and desires people have are relatively stable – what does change is the level of DESIRE around solving specific problems within these larger niches AND their perception of how a specific topic or angle to help them fulfill their desire.


We all want to improve our wealth, for some the urgency is around paying off existing debt while others they would like to be able to replace the income from their current job or career but feel trapped.  Still others aspire to have or do things that today are not an option in their lives.

Of course, within the larger niche of “wealth” are many sub-niches that include job/career, business, finance and financial planning and investment, among others.  Indeed, within these sub-niches are many further subdivisions which means that you have a great deal of leeway to choose and build on a book writing topic within this macro-niche.  The good news is that fundamental human nature drives each one of us to want tips, strategies and information on how to improve our wealth which means a hungry market for your booking writing projects.


Outside of money and wealth, health and wellness is the top niche driving demand for books, e-books and courses

We all want to be healthy and happy. We want to be more attractive, more vibrant, to get more done, to be peaceful and happy.

Especially as our population ages, health is a major buying motive for today’s customers.

Of course there are tens of thousands of potential topics within thousands of sub-niches in the health and wellness area – the key is to tap into desperate pockets of desire to overcome health challenges or to improve one’s overall health reaching a transformed state – a picture of which people have in their minds today (Ex. more attractive, more muscular, better body tone, etc…)


There is perhaps no stronger “secret” desire burning hot within people than to be accepted, to be liked and to attract other people to them.  For some people this drives them to act in a certain way whereas for others the desire to attract others is so strong it defines everything from the career path they choose to the way they look and dress.

One of the top complaints I hear from young people and seniors alike is “why can’t I make more friends?” or “why do people not like me?”

In many ways, the fascination and obsession with celebrity and entertainment is a longing to be LIKE someone else and live a life where they themselves can attract anyone they want surrounding themselves with people they desire to be around.

By selecting topics that help people improve how they relate to others and ESPECIALLY how others view them is an incredibly powerful macro-niche market to pursue.  We embarked on our own book writing projects in this market after seeing the incredible response to some free content we released targeting this market.

Happiness & Personal Development

There is no doubt that people are highly driven to improve themselves in areas that include:

  • Being happier and more stress free
  • Being more confident
  • Improving their social skills
  • Becoming a better speaker
  • Learning to be a better persuader
  • Knowing how to lead and get the most out of others
  • Improving their emotional state and learning to love life
  • Increasing their spirituality

One caveat to entering this book writing niche is that you make sure you are laser-focused on providing a solution to a pressing, highly desired challenge or aspiration held by a large group of people.  Too many people we have worked with through Information Marketer’s Zone have come to us with general “be better” or “self improvement” guides without knowing exactly who they are targeting and what the overwhelming desire to improve or overcome something actually is.

The book writing projects that get the best results in this happiness and personal development niche market are those that best target a deeply held desire to become a picture that many people have in their heads of who they want to become.  If you struggle with this concept, then avoid this niche.

Escape & Entertainment

We all consume content that helps us escape reality and temporarily (at least) live in a different world.

This happens with television, the internet, music and also books.

Today’s society increasingly demands we use the right side of our brains to logically process more and more information, that makes left-brain activity associated with hobbies, entertainment, imagination, games, etc…all that much more valuable.  Books that tap into cooking, travel, hobbies and games all fall within this category of escape and entertainment.  If you have an idea and want to share knowledge or tips around areas like this keep in the back of your mind that you are TRULY helping to tap into the human emotional state of escape and entertainment and you could be a rising star with your next book writing project.

A quick warning…before you charge off and write a simple book such as “Learn to Make More Money” or “Self Improvement For Everyone” , the key to a successful book writing project that will sell is relating your specific knowledge (or research you will undertake) to a specific sub-niche in one of these 5 macro niche markets.

Here’s an example:

“10 Foods That Naturally Lower Your Stress Level” 

It’s clear, you are targeting people who want to increase happiness and personal development in their lives specifically around the area of reducing stress which a large subset of people KNOW is causing them harm and emotional despair.

By combing your target toward people who desperately want to reduce their stress with a dietary approach (whereas your competitors will talk about exercise, meditation, sleep, etc…) you not only accomplish specific targeting of your market, but you do so with a unique value proposition (dietary approach) that further sets you aside offering clearer hope and value to your niche market.

When it comes to selecting top selling book writing topics you are really trying to read the minds (in many cases the sub-conscious minds) of your target niche so you can provide the exact title and book that matches their sub-conscious vision of how they desperately want their lives to transform.  Your book writing project will be the beacon of light that closely maps to exactly what they have been looking for – though may not admit or even be aware at a conscious level.

So go ahead and read this over once more…then take a minute and either brainstorm some potential topics that come to mind in one or more of these book writing niches OR if you already have an idea, try linking it back to one of these topic areas ensuring you get the best results when you release your book.

Oh yes, and once you have done this, leave a comment letting people know what you will be working on…


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