There are hundreds of different niche markets you can target as an information publisher or information marketer…one walk around a major bookstore will tell you that as you pass dozen upon dozen of topics each targeting their own niche market.  But what are the best niche markets? 

What about the massive market for information products such as ebooks, reports, membership sites, courses, workshops, bootcamps, audio programs and dvd’s that you will find outside of traditional bookstores that sell well online.

Our 6-week Information Product Profits Program offers our students a fast and highly effective system for starting their own information publishing business online…right from concept through market research and positioning the entire way past product development and marketing as a method for anyone to launch their own high-profit online business. 

In the InfoProduct Profits Program we stress the importance of matching a hot niche market with your own interests and strengths.

You will find successful information products targeting niche markets that range from those with warts (wart removing systems) to those who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks — with hundreds between.

While it’s good to target high-demand niche markets when you are considering marketing information products online – either your own or someone else’s, keep in mind that the most successful information marketing businesses are built by marketers who are passionate about their topic, are willing to dig deeply enough into their customer base to understand hidden pockets of demand and who are motivated enough to build a reputation within their chosen niche market.

In other words, use the list of best niche markets below as a guideline, but not a definitive list – it may very well be that you see demand within a niche market not listed below that will turn into a guaranteed profit stream for you.

10 Best Niche Markets

This list is drawn from the latest sales figures on a combination of sites including Amazon and Clickbank as well as research on eBay, and investigation into higher-ticket information product topics.

What markets can you think of that should be on this list?

1. Fat burning

2.  Spirituality – enlightenment

3.  Muscle building

4.  Dog training – pet training

5.  Food – cooking

6.  Keyword research software tools

7.  Relationships – improve marriage

8.  Blogging & Web2.0

9. Stock trading system

10.  Stay younger

No, this system is not based on any scientific method or complex algorithm – but is compiled based on research from many different sources and provides a good snapshot in time at the leading niche markets for information products including both lower-end books and ebooks to higher-end videos and courses. 

It’s also important to remember, there are many other secondardy topics that still can provide you the basis of a very profitable, multi-million dollar information publishing business online.  Indeed, within each of the topic areas listed above, further sub niche markets exist offering you many more opportunities for taking a different spin on an already proven marketplace.

If you’re ready to get started planning, developing and growing your own online information publishing business, head over to InfoMarketer’sZone to get all the information and tools you’ll need.



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