In this world of social, video, engagement and word-of-mouth marketing, being seen as an authority is THE way that you get more attention and gain the trust of your market, peers and leaders helping you provide more value and earn higher profit in your niche.

As we work with entrepreneurs creating and marketing their own on-line digital products, paving the way to their success is building their authority in a given marketplace

Here are 10 ways to move toward being a bigger authority – how many are you using?

1. Create Your Story

Assemble your¬†story of how you went from “wanting”, “wishing” and “dreaming” about what you desire to achieving it and especially how your product or service helped you get there. Having a story that shows both where you came from and how your product/service helped you realize massive benefit

2. Create Your Character

More than ever before you want to pay attention to the persona and personality you show to your market. As you post content, post on social, stream video and produce your products the point of view you have and who you are to your audience matters. Here you must strike a balance between being authentic (always) but being conscious about the personality you put out there

3. Be Positive – No Room For Negativity –

There is so much negative in the world today, you want to be the beacon of hope, the steady ship in the wind for your market – that means learning to give zero time to negativity keeping all of your time and energy for positive

4. Work Hard To Know Your Market

Not only know what they want and what they say but also what they THINK and what they FEEL. This gives you deep insight into the best content and help you can give them matching their current mind-space – an effective way to get their attention and interest

5. Create Your Own Products

I talk about this all the time with entrepreneurs who sell other peoples products, bloggers, those who provide services, or sell e-commerce – FIND a way to come up with your own book, ebook, training program, seminar, membership program, etc… Not only will this bring in more income, it will do more than anything else to signal you as an authority in your marketplace

6. Have A High-End Offering

It’s tough to be seen as an authority if all you sell is a $9 ebook, but if that $9 ebook is one of your products and you also offer a $197 home study program and a $1000 coaching program then you are far more likely to be seen as an authority

7. Target Results

I work with so many digital product creators, consultants, trainers, coaches, speakers, etc… who still see their main objective to “inform”, “educate” or “transfer knowledge” – that’s fine, but what really creates authority figures is the ability to generate RESULTS for their clients. When this happens, you create champions who, in-turn, vouch for your products and services and turn you into a market authority

8. Be Practical Over Theoretical

People value practical advice far more than theoretical advice. They pay more for it and will hold you as a higher authority for producing it. If you can’t base your content and products on your own practical experience, or are unwilling to “test” your ideas, then work with someone else who can (interview, partner, case studies, etc…)

9. Be Omnipresent

That’s a big word, but it really means be everywhere that matters. 99% of online business people vastly overestimate the impact of a small amount of effort. Only when you go all-out, be omnipresent and sustain that effort over months and years will you truly become an authority. Everyone wants to be an authority, only a very small number of people are willing to do what it takes

10. Love The Value You Bring To Your Market

More than any other factor, the passion and belief you have in your content, products and result of your work will impact those around you. Authenticity, passion, hope and belief create authority figures, uncertainty, lack of belief, half-baked effort and frustration defeat authority. If you are selling something or are in a business that you do not 110% KNOW will improve the lives of your customers – then you will never be an authority.

Do you have other factors you believe creates authority figures?


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