How do you drive though barriers and get to the next level in your career, business, or life?

What is it that will allow you to have more influence, reach more people and contribute more to the people and markets in your life and business?

That’s what it’s all about right?

To reach bigger audiences, have a greater degree of influence for the good that you deliver with your life and business, and to lay the groundwork so you can share more of your knowledge and experience with the market you want to become more recognized for delivering high value that applies to other people’s lives.

This is important…

  1. More recognized…but for what?
  2. Delivering high value to those around you (which means you need to know what they value the most)
  3. Focus must see your goals aligned with delivering value to other people’s lives

That’s what will get people’s attention, get them to listen, get them to become champions who spread the word, get them to follow you and learn and apply what you teach and then help you take that message to others in your marketplace.

If you are pushing your messages into your market and they are falling on deaf ears, or they are not leading to compound recognition (word-of-mouth marketing) then you can do a better job at reaching and growing that market.

3 Competencies That Will Drive More Attention And Business

So how do you get more attention?

Be more recognized?

Gain more followers that will, in-turn, share you with others?

1. Market/Audience Competency

The first competence that will help you quickly gain an advantage in your life or business is making sure you really know your audience:

  • What do they want most?
  • Why do they want it?
  • What are their frustrations?
  • What are they doing wrong?
  • How can they do better?
  • What are their objections and why?
  • What have they tried, why has it not worked for them in the past?

Dig in and get to really know who your target audience is…how they live and breathe, what they are thinking (even when they can’t or won’t explain it to you face-to-face)

In the first two weeks of the 6-Week, Fast-Start Online Profits Course, the techniques for digging in deep and knowing the desires, motivations and buying activity of your target audience is the focus.

Research who they follow, what products they buy and know why they bought them and why they didn’t get 100% of what they wanted.

Your foundation for expanding your business and success in life is to know your audience and market intimately – what drives their thoughts and behaviors.

2. Self Competence 

You may wonder why I put this one in here…but knowing yourself, what drives you and how to drive and lead your own life is absolutely critical to taking the next step in your life and business.

In many cases what is holding you and your business back is YOU, not anything else.

Why aren’t you dedicating more time to your business?

How come you aren’t digging in deeper to know and understand your market?

What explains your lack of energy, enthusiasm and dedication to action?

Often, it comes down to a lack of competence in yourself.

Do you spend 10-15 minutes each day reviewing your thoughts, beliefs, goals and objectives?

Do you commit to leading your mind and body at least 90% of the day versus being led by someone else who definitely does not have your best interest at heart?

Are you 110% aligned with your passion and purpose and you KNOW this to be a fact?

Have you come to terms with those immediately surrounding you (your family and best friends) about your direction and how they can help you or even take that journey with you?

If not, then you need to work on Self Competence before you do anything else.

3. Results Competence

The third competence you want to build is around knowing the best ways to get where you and your audience want to be.

Results competence involves the following:

  • Knowing what REALLY works to get the best results, cutting through the noise and mis-information
  • Ability to take action, test and be active in discovering what really works (not just theory, reading, learning – but applying what you learn to test and improve)
  • Continuous improvement – constantly seek ways to get better results for you and your audience.  You never settle for where you are today – you wan to constantly improve
  • Participate, engage, be involved – be active versus passive will gain you immense results competence
  • Study those who are above you – surround yourself with leaders, achievers and those that have gone beyond limits and reached new heights

If your desire is to take the next step in your business, your career and in your life then you want to focus on improving your competencies in these 3 areas: Knowing your audience, knowing and growing yourself and getting results so you can add immense value to your audience where they desire it the most.



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