If only we knew what our market wanted so desperately they would pay almost any price…we could not only improve sales and profit, but we could become much more relevant to our market and help more people with our products and services.

What if you could have your own top-selling digital products selling online like Eben Pagen, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker or Russell Brunson?

Having helped thousands of others do just that…I can be definite here in saying YOU CAN, if you are able to get inside the mind of your prospects and know exactly what they want EVEN before they can tell you.

So how do we get “inside” the minds of our prospects, discover their desires and frustrations and know what they want to buy even in cases where they may not yet realize it themselves?
Even More Important Than Knowing What Your Customer Wants Is The Why Behind That Desire


So many entrepreneurs we work with inside InfoMarketer’sZone decide on their business, their products and their marketing angle based on faulty assessment of what your customer wants or needs.

At times, they decide based on their own perception of what the customer NEEDS rather than understanding fully what fuels the desire that will ultimately get them in the buyer mindset

Other times marketers try to copy other successful products in the field without putting their finger on the desire and so their marketing fails as does their ability to differentiate their offering in a meaningful way for their market.

Still others do a good job of targeting their products on a specific desire but fail to properly measure the importance or urgency around that desire which ends up limiting their sales potential, profit and ultimate impact on the market.

Having more than a decade of on-line business experience and having more than two decades of overall business experience, we can provide some powerful, practical tips on how to discover urgent desire and commercial potential for products and businesses – here are our top 3 methods, let us know if you use any of these in your online business.

In my businesses what I have found to work best in understanding what my market wants – even when they are not so clear themselves are…

1. Generate content around several potential topic areas – over time (1 month is often enough) you will begin to see which articles/blog posts get the most attention and engagement. I then take the top posts and turn those into products or at least tripwire giveaway products (reports, single videos, etc…)

2. Watch the most engaged and read posts in forums within your niche – this is a surefire way to guage interest and can often be reverse engineered into compelling products or offers

3. Minimal Viable Product approach.  Release v1 of our own product and then collect feedback. In my direct experience the absolute BEST way to gain inside insight into the mind of your market is to release and sell your product then follow up with customers (you can formalize this through follow-up teleseminars, coaching calls, q&a, etc…) and you will get dozens of new ideas from them based on something in their mind that was triggered by your initial product

Understanding what your customers want is akin to catching a wave in surfing, when you get it just right you can ride the wave of sales and profit with very little effort as inertia is on your side.  So what are you doing to put the right products in front of your market?



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