money treeFor many people starting on the net, they may dream of making their own fortune – quitting their job and working from home operating their own online business empire…

But there’s a GIANT step first isn’t there?

Before you can go on to make your fortune with your own online marketing business, you need to get started – in other words,  you need to make your first $1,000!

For some people, $1K each month would be their ticket out of debt, would alleviate them from a very desparate situation, allow them to pay their rent or mortgage so they don’t have to reduce their current lifestyle. 

I’ve been there in the past – over 10-years ago I was in deep debt – the kind of debt that you can’t see your way out of no matter how positive your mindset.  Sometimes that kind of situation leads to desparation which often leads to bad judgement which in turn, attracts more bad stuff into your life.

Enough with the self-pity – that was a long time ago and debt is a thing of the past.  My online marketing business was a big part of getting out of that debt hole, regaining a sense of self-respect, confidence and control in my life resulting in better decisions with strong momentum and great things happening in my life.

You see, it all starts with making your first dollars online.

So how do you do it?

Here are 3 ways to make $1,000 in 1-month.  Let me start by saying this is not an income claim, and of course, not guaranteed – since you know as well as I that putting ideas and techniques into action is the basis of turning a fantasy into reality.

1. Create a report or ebook around a hot selling niche market.  Once you have this report or ebook you can make money from it in a few ways.  You could create your own website/blog driving traffic to your sales page and sell your products for profit.  To make $1,000 in a month, you need roughly 38 sales of a $27 report or ebook, just 22 sales of a $47 ebook.  You could also market resell rights to a limited number of people for say $197 – only need 5 of these to reach your $1K goal.  The great part of this approach is that you put the work into product development once, and you get to profit for months/years with no extra work.  In other words, your first month is $1K, you can pretty much bank on $1K (typically even more) each month after assuming you keep up the same level of marketing and perhaps take into account any seasonal impact on your topic. 

To get a headstart on creating hot selling information products – here are a few resources you can tap into:

1. Information Marketer’s Success ArticlesOn making money with information products

2. Fast-track private members site with inside information, tools, interviews, templates and private coaching forum

3. Winner’s Information Product Marketing Success Package – Full Course

2. Generate Content and Sell It.  Another great way to earn some quick income is to select a hot topic such as weight loss, personal development, finance…and so on – generate a package of 500-800 word articles which you can then sell as PLR (Private Label Rights) content.   Webmasters, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and information product entrepreneurs are all looking for more content on their site to help drive search engine attention and ranking.  So, they look for related content they can use.  By pre-developing this content for them – you can market a limited number of licenses (say 100) to your PLR articles on a given topic and quickly earn $1,000K.   You may want to consider continuing witht his business model, or simply use it to fund other outsource work such as website development, marketing or product development to build another business model.

3. List Building and Affiliate Marketing.  If you are just starting out in a given niche market, then begin by building what I call a "spider web" – a very strategic, content-based website desiged to draw traffic into your web of opt-in list building forms and/or affiliate product promotion. 

No matter what business you intend to start online, begin by building this "spider web" site where you begin to build authority, credibility, a list with subsriber loyalty and soon you will see direct revenue from marketing affiliate products which can then lead to your own product ideas and sales.

Making your first $1,000 online should be a MAJOR short-term goal for all of you who have been wanting to build your own online empire, but can’t seem to get started. 

Once you get things rolling, momentum has a way of attracting more revenue and profits your way.



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