The idea of becoming an entrepreneur, controlling your own financial situation, working with who and when you want is a very romantic notion.

Nearly everyone thinks about becoming an entrepreneur, some people actually take the leap and give it a shot, but precious few ever reach the level of success they dreamed about.

How do you becoming one of the few, even if the odds seem stacked against you?

Know What You Want To Do

This point is mandatory no matter what you want to become good at in life.  Your core happiness and mindset control so much of your life including your health, energy, ability to influence, creativity, productivity and ultimately – your results.  Success as an entrepreneur isn’t any different.  Knowing yourself and being happy with your direction gives you the best possible shot at success.

Build Effective Teams

Another common mistake people make is that top entrepreneurs are soloists that do not need others around them to help them succeed.  In fact, every successful entrepreneur I know has learned to leverage the power of others on their rise to the top.  They become good at influencing, inspiring and leading a small team who focus effectively on the end goal.  This doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert or extraordinarily good with people, simply that you share your passion and be open to allowing others to help you drive to your results.

Good At Reading Markets

Leading entrepreneurs do a very good job of understanding demand within their given marketplace.  They see shifts and know the emotional triggers behind these major shifts so they are out-front, sometimes even before the market itself understands the degree of their desire for the product or solution offered.

Maniacal Persistence And Drive

Not a single successful entrepreneur I knew got it right on the very first try – or the second for that matter.  What they brought to the table or learned along the way was that action leads to A result which leads to a greater understanding of the path forward.  If the roadmap were already complete, everyone would already be there…instead the value you bring as an entrepreneur is to fail fast, learn fast and win.

BIG Vision

Building a successful business is a long and messy journey, in order to stay focused, motivated and inspired through the entire path one has to have a BIG vision that drives you from your very core.  When that happens the day-to-day setbacks, challenges or frustrations do not seem nearly as significant nor do they impact the forward motion of you and your team.

You may be pleased to know that if you do not possess one, two or even three of these traits today, they can be learned with an open mind and purposeful drive.  It helps if you already have one or two of these traits giving you something to start with and build your effectiveness as an entrepreneur over time.

Which traits can you identify in yourself today and which traits do you believe you must work on before your dreams of becoming a highly successful entrepreneur will come true?


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