When it comes time to move your information product development beyond screen capture videos using tools such as Camtasia, the next phase is to begin taking "live" videos of you talking to your audience. 

This can be a great tool for delivering seminars, workshops, coaching as well as marketing messages such as newsletters or weekly updates.

A method often used to improve your videos is green screening or chroma keying supported by most video editing software such as Sony Vegas and Adobe. 

Now, you can buy professional green screens for hundreds of dollars, something I just did last week, until I came across this wonderful video from Digital Juice about making your own chroma key green screen from home for under $20!

I immediately thought I would bring it to your attention as an alternative to spending hundreds on a fabric green screen.

Basically, chromakey is the technique you’ve seen weathermen use for years to superimpose an image behind you – triggering on the consistent color such as green or blue (though almost any color can be used since this feature is configurable within most video editing software).

If you are interested in video production and want to know more about chromakeying, then take a look at this video…


Now, you have the ability to make your own greenscreen chromakey with supplies from your local building supply company and save big dollars.



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