Two of my favourite dudes – Grant Cardone and Lewis Howes talk about:

  • Why being rich is SO critical in today’s society
  • How to make money when saving and working a job no longer works
  • How to think like Elon Musk
  • Where anyone can start on their journey to making more money
  • Spirited debate around loving what you do versus making money…I have to say I’m not in total agreement with Grant here – I DO agree that you MUST be able to bang through tasks and barriers that you won’t like – but where I disagree is that your ultimate motivation must be around something you are passionate about.
  • If you cannot watch the entire 1h and 20-min (you should really try), then go right to the 59:00 minute mark and watch the best 5-minute stretch where Lewis challenges GC to think EVEN BIGGER…brilliant
  • By the way – my favourite piece of advice Grant gives in the video is when he talks about “Selling Another Book” to fund the growth in his various businesses – pay specific attention to that statement as it is key to going big online.  I wrote a blog post on our experience funding our growth with books, digital products and courses.

Watch This Video here:



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