As part of our training system over at InfoMarketer’sZone we have worked with thousands of people who have dreams and are taking action toward building their online business.

Almost universally new (and long-time) entrepreneurs hit a wall where they experience doubt, fear, uncertainty, anxiety and yes…the dreaded “P” word – Procrastination

It’s not long before this paralysis seeps into their overall personality impacting not only their mindset but that of all those around them as well.

Entrepreneurs have such massive dreams, ambitions and energy that when they are faced with the inability to act – the consequences are all the more grim.

Believe me, we’ve all been there and so the key is to snap yourself out of this rut as quickly as possible, limit the damage and get on with being highly productive and getting the results that get you closer to your goals.

Here are 3 quick ways to turn being stuck in business around and kicking your entrepreneurial impact into overdrive:

  • Feed curiosity, inspiration and excitement
  • Resist procrastination, make decisions that keep you in control
  • Deflect your mind from self to others

In more detail, here’s how to apply these principles to growing your business and avoid getting stuck as an entrepreneur.

Curiosity, Inspiration & Excitement

Remember when we were kids how curious we were about everything?  How many different things and people inspired us?  How excited we were as we awoke each day and how LITTLE we harbored the thoughts, fears or concerns from the day before?  In a sense, as adults we know too much.  Or better put, we have too negative a mindset about many of the things around us…in order to flip these thoughts and beliefs on their head we MUST consciously seek out inspiration through stories, people, places, experiences, and directed thought around gratefulness and beauty.  Many of the top entrepreneurs I know schedule time each day to be grateful, to be mindful of what they DO have (rather than the normal tendency for our mind to focus on what we DON’T have).   We can once again experience curiousness, be inspired and experience daily excitement – certainly living like a kid again is worth a few minutes of effort on your part?

Make Decisions – Feel The Power

When I become derailed and begin to procrastinate, get down or grow anxious about a situation I quickly flip to a mode where I take back control and make decisions.  It’s not so much the decision itself that is important (nobody is right 100% of the time), but rather the specific act of making a decision rather than letting life control you is incredibly empowering.  In fact, neuroscience has proven that the very act of taking control and making decisions releases a flood of dopamine which makes us feel incredible giving us more energy and making us more productive and attractive to those around us.  Resist the urge to “give up” or to procrastinate and give yourself a surge by making decisions and taking action – even if it turns out you need to change course later on.

Make It About Them Not You

Another habit we all get into (especially my collective entrepreneurs) is to see the world revolving around us where it becomes so much about us that we erupt in a cascade of anxiety, fear and indecision.  That hard fall is typically followed by weeks of procrastination or diversion as we lick our wounds and refuse to admit we need some help to move on.  A better approach is to deflect our mind’s attention onto others around us – those people in the markets you serve.  For me, decisions become much clearer and less daunting when you think of things from someone else’s perspective.  This frees you to consider things from other perspectives and interrupts the personal crisis that is developing within your own mind.

As entrepreneurs we are extremely ambitious and driven people, along with this drive comes the downside associated with fear, anxiety, uncertainty and procrastination.  Knowing how to escape from these bouts of being stuck allows you to be much more productive, live a happier life and attract healthy people who want to take the exciting journey of life with you.  With these three techniques you now have the switch so next time you fall into a funk, you can pop right out and continue to impact the world the way you dream.


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