Have you been misled?

After all, many of us are told that if we work hard, practice persistence, hustle, make ourselves open to having others help us and have stay motivated we will taste the success that we desire as entrepreneurs.

I know at least SOME of you reading this know otherwise.

Having built our own businesses online and working with other top online entrepreneurs inside InfoMarketer’sZone we know that although they are important, hard work, being open to learning and persistence is simply NOT ENOUGH to drive success in business.

Here Is The 6th Trait That You MUST Master To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

While the list of 5 entrepreneur success traits above is powerful and will help you reach your goals, there is one trait – above all others – that MUST be mastered or you simply will not reach the level of success required to build a fast-growing, thriving online business. (If you guys think you know it before reading further – then post it in comments below and then read on…)

I can’t tell you the number of aspiring entrepreneurs I have worked with that have huge motivation, tons of work ethic, are intelligent, can focus on getting things done and do have support but STILL consistently struggle.


They have missed the match between the market’s most insatiable DESIRES and the OFFER they are putting in front of customers.

This mismatch can be (and often is all of these) inherent in the business idea, the product(s) offered, the marketing message and the resulting entire marketing campaign which typically involves both organic and paid advertising.

In other words, they blow their brains out developing content, sales pages, collateral, videos, and paid ads and wonder why none of it is quite connecting or providing the return on investment required to build profit.

Why Does This Market To Message Mismatch Occur?

There is nothing more deadly to a business when they simply are not connecting with their marketplace. They get less attention, less traffic, fewer sales and much less momentum than entrepreneurs who do a better job at connecting their business idea, products and marketing to the audience.

This can be due to the following:

– The entrepreneur fails to realize how critical it is to get the market pulse and motivation to effectively sell
– The entrepreneur assumes they know what the market wants and makes the leap into defining their business, products and marketing without validating their approach
– Believing they can copy what someone else has done and see the same level of success
– Many entrepreneurs simply do not know HOW to effectively research a market and get the pulse of the MOTIVATION behind the desire.  We know this first-hand based on the feedback we get on training modules that deal with this phase of business development inside Information Marketer’s Zone
– Finally, the other mistake I see quite often is poor execution…in other words, the entrepreneur understands the desire and messaging required, but does a poor job in building the business around this key message, builds poor products or takes shortcuts in the product development or marketing phases of business building

Part of what makes being a successful entrepreneur so challenging is that you must combine factors such as persistence, hustle and being open to learning with the ability to read markets, understand their desires AND be able to execute on targeting those desires effectively.

Is this an area you feel you or your business may struggle?

The good news is that when you do nail this market targeting capability your business will finally achieve lift-off where you will see the results and momentum you had planned on in the beginning.


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