What happens once you have your first (or next) digital product such as an e-book or book or course…what should happen next so you can ramp up your activity to a large and profitable online business?

As part of the overall plan to delivery and sell a highly profitable set of digital products in your market, here are 3 steps that will be MOST important in how your digital product performs.


The first tip (and perhaps the most important) is to make sure your digital product is properly targeting an urgent desire within your market to do, have or become something they URGENTLY want with a solution that allows them to reach that state in their lives faster, more effectively and simpler than they can today.

To be even more blunt, if you have a “fuzzy” or purely informative product that does a poor job at targeting specific, highly urgent desires in your marketplace then STOP NOW!

9 out of 10 products we see come through Information Marketer’s Zone require re-positioning in order to maximize their profit potential, so this is a very common challenge – a challenge that will result in poor results no matter how much effort or investment in marketing, so it must be addressed first.

Once you have that type of product – then you can then move ahead with the following two steps.


The first step most e-book and book writers struggle with once their e-book is written is determining how to host their digital product and sell it on-line.

They see choices such as Amazon KDP, other hosted platforms such as Clickbank, or selling from their own websites using direct Paypal payments or working through a 3rd party checkout such as Ejunkie, 2Checkout, etc…

While it is true that setting up payment processing/shopping cart option is a decision that does need to be made, you also want to determine your front-end sales funnel where you provide landing pages, capture initial contact information from your leads and drive online funnel content/bonuses that will help warm your prospect toward your eventual offer.

Your sales funnel will also involve upselling back-end offers (product bundles, higher-end digital products, coaching or consulting, etc…) or cross-selling to other products and offers you have.

We use platforms like Optimize Press 2 to create our sales funnels, other products such as Clickfunnels are also quite popular and do a great job of allowing you to design and create your pages within your sales funnel leading to a higher conversion rate than would otherwise be possible.


Driving traffic can be done in a number of ways, but to start with, there are two methods you want to get started with right away.

1. Build platforms using content and social activity – drive content daily (videos, articles, blog posts, social media posts) as well as engaging in social media posts and groups

2. Start to test ads (Facebook & Insta are good initial options) – so you can refine your combination of ads/funnel and sales pages for effectiveness. This is the real way to scale your reach – but I would also advise you have a back-end product or two as it is tough to have profitable ad campaigns with a single product under $30 – ideally you have eventual customer value above $50 to really run effective ad campaigns

You will be well on your way to building a high-profit, fast-growing digital product business when you have tackled the 3 critical areas of product readiness, site readiness and traffic generation…at that point you can begin to achieve the profit goals you have for your online business and begin to scale your ambitions and team.


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