No matter how great you have been in choosing your niche market, finding a hot product idea, bringing that product to market and creating your website sales funnel (lead capture pages, sales pages, pre-sales email campaign, etc…) you still have to test and tweak to make the final changes to maximize your sales conversions and profit.

The questions stumps most new internet marketers though…do they test their product directly or do they test their sales funnel?

Those who choose to test their product itself end up paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to see if their product is appealing and still don’t really know if it is because of the niche market, product focus, product title or sales page.

Those that think about testing their sales funnel are afraid that they will never get feedback on their product because they will lose too many people up-front in their lead-capture, email sequence and sales page testing – when what they really want is feedback on how strong their product is.

Classic Chicken & Egg challenge as applied to internet marketing.

How To Test Your Sales Funnel And Product All At  The Same Time, Quickly!

The first point to understand is that your sales funnel IS selling your product right from the very start.

Your sales funnel is specifically designed to move general targeted traffic into a series of offers.

The series involves the following steps:

  1. Lead Magnet:  This is your first incentive that may be either no-cost or extremely low-cost depending on how much you want to qualify entry into your sales funnel.  This could be a report, short ebook, video, case study, etc…
  2. Tripwire Product:  Given its name because this first product is designed to trip a wire indicating that your prospect is more serious about your offerings – they trip the wire by moving from a free “interested” or “warm” prospect to proven buyer of a low-cost product.  Your tripwire product is typically a fraction of the cost of your core products
  3. Core Products:  Here you offer products that typically sell for $47-$997 (as a general rule, there are exceptions) – you may graduate these, have upsells, downsells, bundles, etc…
  4. Back-End High ROI Products:  Here you have higher-cost products that go for multiples above your core product pricing and typically involve specialized or personalized offerings that appeal to that 20%of your buyers who want deep assistance with a personalized aspect to it.  Coaching, inner-circle programs, done-for-you products or services, exclusive membership products, live seminars and retreats all fall within this category

Your sales funnel must be designed from your Back-End and Core Products out to your Lead Magnet and Sales Funnel and even your targeting of traffic with your traffic generation plan.

Short Answer – Test Both Your Sales Funnel And Your Product At The Same Time

I typically setup sales funnels with the specific INTENT on testing different products – both from front-end lead-gen, to initial tripwire product to the back-end offers which can be bundles, memberships, services, etc…

This is advisable for several reasons:

1. It’s never JUST the product or JUST the sales funnel – it is the combination of both that impacts conversion – to succeed you need to get the combination right, so testing both in sequence is the fastest way to improve

2. By testing via sales funnel, you at least get the lead which (if you treat them right) will give you multiple opportunities to seek feedback including testing multiple pages, multiple products and direct contact (surveys, feedback, etc..)

3. Lower your costs of testing…the most expensive part of marketing is getting traffic/leads – if you do that against a single product offering and they don’t bite, you have lost them forever – having to go through the expense of getting another visitor/lead to test with. By spending to secure the visitor/lead once and testing multiple times you lower your cost of testing substantially.

As confusing as it may seem to test both your sales funnel and your products at the same time, they MUST operate together and so believe me when we share with you that ultimately this is the shortest path to succeeding at improving your conversions and sales.

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