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"Jeff Smith's Infoproduct Publishers Secrets"

Greetings everyone, welcome to another packed issue of Jeff Smith's Information Marketers Success Secrets.

ŠJeff Smith 2006

In today's issue you'll find:

      * Do You Take This "Play" Money?

      * My **NEW** Favorite Online Marketing Course

      * Fast Tracking Your Business Growth

      * "Subdued Blues" - A Musical Interlude

      * Finding Hot Topics - A New Video Posted

Jeff Smith


For those buyers you may have coming to your site that have a Paypal balance (a positive balance in their Paypal account) - you will find a much lower threshold of spending their balance. Quite simply, most people do not think of Paypal balances as "real" money - so its often easier to spend than using a credit card or other forms of payment.

What this means for you as an online marketer is that you should be taking Paypal as an optional form of payment for your products and services.

In my case, I offer multiple forms of payment - and still find that over 50% pay using Paypal.

You may want to consider using a front end payment, affiliate management and autoresponder system from 1shoppingcart, the one I use is:

With this sort of payment front end, your customer has a clear choice over various credit card options or to pay you with Paypal.

If you do not accept multiple payment methods, our research indicates you will miss out on potential sales.


You just have to respect mega-author, speaker, and marketer Joe Vitale.

He generates products faster than a speeding bullet, has built a brand a information product marketing empire in such a short period of time - his methods are extremely interesting to study.

I know you want the same results, and wish you the same level of success or even better - so here's some of the best parts of this package from my study so far:

1. His 10 DVD coverage of his $5,000 Spiritual Marketing Conference with some incredible speakers on copywriting, marketing, entrepreneurship, getting publicity, etc...

2. One of many live teleconferences features Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Jay Levinson and Joe debating some of the very best marketing tips - they've brought in 10's of Millions, so this is incredibly powerful.

3. Joe's coverage of a system for generating your own $1,000+ e-class including his entire campaigns - sales letters, templates, lesson templates, joint venture letters and much more.

That's only the tip of the iceburg, I've never seen so much value put into one package in ANY market - period!

More information here:


We've had a tremendous month over at the Information Marketer's Zone -

The forum is hopping with some terrific topics ranging from split testing including first-hand experience and reviews of latest taguchi testing techniques, through to terrific hard-copy and electronic copy advice on developing and marketing information products.

Turns out we have some real ringers that have joined, and the advice is turning out to be an invaluable part of the site.

Also - we've added 8 new videos, a great interview with a mother of 2 earning over $5,000 in one week with her own infoproducts, new ebook templates and much more....

This month we have two more interviews lined up - one that we just finished with a $2M information product entrepreneur is currently undergoing editing - all I can say is that this information can turn you into a Million dollar information product marketer!

If you are interested in writing a book, earning a part-time or full-time income with the internet, marketing information for profit or advancing your current online business, then try us out for a month and you'll have full access to an incredible fast-track resource site:


Anyone else out there a "wannabee" musician?

I play more for relaxation than effect, and with two young children, relaxation has had to often take a back seat, at least that's my excuse anyway.

But yesterday afternoon I decided to record something that just came into my head - something I called "Subdued Blues"

It's only 3-minutes and hopefully it will make you feel a little better - for what its worth, here you go...


Check out these two site for secretly finding pockets of hot demand for online markets.

The first site lets you "spy" on the community's most desired goals - many will surprise you.

A second site we cover in this video is a "hidden" eBay site that lets you tap into the most popular searches - often an indicator of the hottest topics and most desirable content you can use to develop your own information products.

To watch this 8-minute video, visit:


Do you like what you read - then let us know by sending your feedback to:

Have a Terrific Day!


Jeff Smith

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