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"Jeff Smith's Infoproduct Publishers Secrets"

Welcome to another packed issue of Information Publishing and Marketing Success Secrets.

ŠJeff Smith 2005

In today's issue you'll find:

      * I Really Don't Work Very Hard

      * Are You A Meathead?

      * Can Great Marketing Sell Poor Products?

Jeff Smith

I Really Don't Work Very Hard

Many of us were brought up to value hard work.

Our parents, grandparents and school system hard coded our brains to believe that if we just work a little harder than the next guy - we'll get ahead.

I'm not about to tell you that hard work doesn't pay off, but it certainly won't pay off on its own.

Another saying - work smarter, not harder is more to the point.

You have to have a plan that works - I call this mastering the fundamentals.

Once you mastered the fundamentals, you need to suspend your disbelief for a period and target your plan ahead of your competition - ahead of what is already going on in the world around you.

If you are ready to learn both the fundamentals and master the steps outlined below turning your dreams of being a home-based information publishing entrepreneur into reality - then pick up a copy of:

How does all of this relate to those of us who make our living publishing and marketing information?

Here's how.

You need to master 2 very important things to "work smarter" at information product publishing.

First, you need to be smarter about niche demand - or what your market really wants (in terms of an end result) and WHY they want it (the emotional drivers for achieving the desired end result).

Take golfers - what are some of the really strong desires golfers have for learning?

     - How to cure their hook or slice
     - How to add 50-yards to their average driving length
     - How to take 10 points off their game

Now - what are the motivations behind these desires?

Could it be:

     - To impress and build more friendships
     - To increase their financial outlook by impressing clients
     - To feel younger (allowing middle age golfers to stay competitive)

Your job as an information publishers and marketer is to uncover the hidden secrets of your market - what they want and why they want it.

Second, you package your own system for getting what they want.

For the life of me, I don't understand why information product publishers spend months researching their market and then developing their product - only to deliver some bland, uninteresting, uncommitted and undifferentiated coverage of the topic.

Your information product is your chance to SHINE!

Deliver a slam dunk by putting together the ULTIMATE system for...

Master these two skills - and you'll be well on your way to reaching your online business goals.

Are You A Meathead?

Remember Archie Bunker's description of what a Meathead was on All in the Family?

Dead, from the neck up!

When it comes to creaivity, innnovation, coming up with ideas that magically turn into money - are you alive?

Ever wonder how some of the big names in business are able to continually come up with new, innovative product ideas, marketing programs and publicity projects?

New ideas are the lifebload of leaping to the top of your field.

Here's a couple of tips to become more creative - even in the busiest of lifestyles:

1. Get Tuned In. Notice everything around you and how it could relate to your business. You will find that hundreds of things pass us by each day because we are just not tuned in. Live IN the moment - suck up everything. Feed your brain and it will respond by automatically becoming more creative.

2. Break Your Rouine. Most of us follow a very regimented routine (how we wake up, morning routine, route to work, when we take breaks, etc...). Routine, while comforting, lulls the mind into a sleepy blob - break routine and re-activate you mind.

3. Believe you are Creative. Deep down, most of us believe we are creatively inadequate. Using affirmations, meditation, exercises, visualization - you can break down those beliefs. Write positive statements about what you want to be and go over them each and every day for 2-weeks - you'll see results!

There are some great books on this topic - the best one I come back to again and again is "Thinkertoys" by Michael Michalko, you can pick it up on Amazon or through your local bookstore.

Can Great Marketing Sell Poor Products?

There is a very dangerous misconception out there in marketing land that must be once and for all STOPPED!

I hear it again and again - great marketing can sell anything.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

Great marketing and superb advertising uncovers and communicates great products.

Anything else is blind manipulation - something that will backfire everytime.

The greatest names in advertising agree, David Ogilvy, Halbert, Carleton - great products with great advertising is the equation for success.

A great technique I've used many times is to design advertising around the ideal product, then go and develop (or finish) your product so it matches the advertising.

Where many people get it wrong is they develop the product, then write their advertising. Along the way they figure out that what they want to say about their product doesn't match what is delivered - but because they've left it to the end, they go ahead and deliver it anyway.

So - don't make the same mistake.

Write your ads first, then develop the product to OVER deliver.


I could keep sharing information with you for hours, but we both need to get to work!

Let me hear from you if you enjoy this information - its the only way I know that anyone is actually listening out there.

Thanks to all of those who wrote in after the last issue.


Jeff Smith

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