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"Jeff Smith's Infoproduct Publishers Secrets"

Welcome to another packed issue of Information Publishing and Marketing Success Secrets.

ŠJeff Smith 2005

In today's issue you'll find:

      * Fill Your List With Responsive Subscribers

      * Controversial Marketing Techniques

      * Are You Massively Motivated?

Jeff Smith


3 Tips I've used to bring in thousands of subscribers in very little time.

Before I list them, the other factor in making money from your list though is relevance and responsiveness. You can have a list of 100,000 and it can still be worth less to you than a list of 10,000 based on relevance and responsiveness.

All this means that you can't sacrifice your area of focus or quality of information when building your list.

3 Techniques That I've Found Work Best:

1. Writing articles. Trick here is to spend 90% of your time on the article title (effectively your headline) and toward writing compelling articles consistently. Send them out to publishers and directories - but always build a strong publisher base which you can go back to again and again. Some of my better articles have been picked up by hundreds of ezines, and have been seen by millions of eyeballs resulting in very strong traffic and list signups.

2. Use a capture page, often called Namesqueeze for first-time traffic. Rather than sending traffic right to your sales page, send them to a capture page first and target the page well to your market. For example: is such a page. Conversion is well over 40% on most days, so as you can see, any substantial traffic will result in very strong list building numbers.

3. Joint ventures: You should be seeking out at least 2 new joint ventures each month - some of these can instantly result in 100's - if not 1000's of signups. Long term joint ventures can also be repeated for months and months. Think in terms of joint mailings, interviews, viral ebooks, articles, special reports, etc... to use as tools to make joint ventures successful.

Finally - if I had to list a fourth, of course your own affiliate program would be the fourth. Takes a little longer to build momentum, but when you do - its like placing your list building on auto-pilot.


Have you ever had a great idea that just didn't fly?

How about a new product you though couldn't miss, but flopped like a wet sack of rags?

Or how about this, you've had a brilliant idea for a new product or marketing campaign, but after searching high and low for evidence of demand, you just can't seem to find the kind of proof you need to feel confident?

You are not alone - everyone creating products or marketing has experienced these frustrations to some extent - if they tell you otherwise, they are either telling a white lie or really aren't doing any significant business.

Now psychology and marketing have danced to more than a few songs in the last 50 years.

I still say the single biggest benefit I got out of my 4+ years in university was pshchology and sociology - specifically how they helped me to understand the pschology of selling.

In our ever present need to progress and succeed, we now have the rapid growth in something called Neuromarketing.

What is Neuromarketing.

You'll hear allot about this over the next 12-months fuelled by massive money and controversy.

Neuromarketing is a body of research emerging on scientifically mapping brainwave activity to various marketing and buying behavior.

The goal is to understand the actual brain behavior that leads to buying decisions - of course marketers would love this in order to tailor their products and marketing campaign to such buying behavior.

There is a nasty side to this (isn't there always?)

Obviously this could be used for manipulation purposes - and no doubt will.

What is starting to emerge from early research however, are patterns of buyers - the realization that we all don't fall into the same pot, but can typically do fall into sub-groups.

What does this mean for you - a product developer or product marketer?

As we become more intelligent about the main emotional (and often unconscious) drivers that compell people to buy we may want to:

     * Develop separate products that cater to sub-groups
     * Segment our product research and surveys into sub-groups
     * Structure products to satisfy multiple sub-groups
     * Create specific webpages, ads and campaigns around sub-groups
     * Perhaps even run separate businesses entirely that focus on the sub-groups

Study and apply early research findings on neuralmarketing, you may finally REALLY be able to read your market's mind.

We can only hope we can handle what we find.


Can you recall a time in your life when you were highly motivated?

I remember back in school pulling all-nighters before exams, and spending extra time on my two favorite subjects - psychology and film studies.

Back then, the fact that all my research, studying, writing and preparing was "work" would have never entered into my mind.

Somehow I have no problem getting up at 4AM to make sure my boat is in the water right at sunrise, everyone knows that's when you get the big fish.

Jumping out of bed on a Saturday morning at 5AM to take my 6-year old to hockey practice - no problem, I look forward to it.

Yet, I used to have trouble dragging my sorry butt out of bed for 7:30AM when I worked in my corporate career.

What about you?

Do you think Donald Trump thinks of his job as work?

What about Bill Gates?

Can you list a few activities and experiences in your life when you have unleashed incredible energy, when you felt like there was no end to your endurance, when you barely had a care in the world?

Now, even more interesting, were these activities related to money or your bank account?

Perhaps indirectly, but likely your enjoyment, motivation and energy came from something much more.

Perhaps it was entertainment, enjoying friends, helping people, enjoying someone else's company, using the left side of your brain (right side for you lefties), doing what you just felt was right at the time.

Can you relate that back to your reasons for wanting to run your own business?

What if your online business, product development business, or other entrepreneurial endeavors made you feel the way I your best experiences did?

If you are thinking, planning or struggling with your own online marketing business, where you DON'T feel pure enjoyment and motivated - go back and ask yourself why.

Look for patterns in your past that really bring out the best in you - where time didn't matter, where you had unlimited energy.

I'll bet that once you know what the patterns are, you will be able to better structure your business to harness your infinite energy. Instead of easing forward, you will blast ahead with turbo boosters on full throttle.

Set yourself up for massive success by plugging into your inner energy source - you'll achieve more than you ever imagined without the inner turmoil that holds most people back.


Do you like what you read - then let us know by sending your feedback to:

Have a super week!


Jeff Smith

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