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Why Aren't You Dominating Your Niche?

By Jeff Smith

It seems everyone is looking for some magical niche market that will fall out of the sky and suddenly present a massive opportunity that nobody else knows about and that will quickly allow you to suck riches - much like a mosquito does when they land on your arm.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works. First, there are very few niche markets that have not already been targeted with multiple products, complete with their own set of market leaders. Second point, it doesn't matter because -- that's not the point anyway!

Frankly, your target market is not the most important part of the puzzle - the fact you have one is good, but you need to move much deeper to find your niche demand!

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you really want to dominate this niche?
  • What are the top 3 unanswered questions in this niche?
  • What questions do people continually spend money to answer?
  • Its rather shocking to see that in any given niche market there are a series of questions that come up again and again in discussion forums, associations, surveys and when talking to people active within that niche market.

Even crazier, people will continue to purchase product after product, go to seminar after seminar, putting more and more money into their niche based entirely on answering a relatively small, consistent pattern of questions.

The real secret to earning a massive fortun with your own niche information products is to find those patterns of consistent, persistent, almost insane buying and insert your product and service as the newest, best,m next product to pick up for that proven market. It's as simple as discovering patterns of niche demand

Should YOU.INC Be Your Business?

By Jeff Smith

What's Your Opinion...

Some of the internet marketing forums were overheating this last week with a discussion on the role of branding YOU as your business.

Let's discuss two levels of branding. First, there is the potential to build a name for yourself drawing customers to your business and products leading to increased trust allowing you to get more for your products and services

Another option is to entirely base your business on your own brand. Think Donald Trump - could anyone else run Trump Inc. as successfully as Donald Trump?

It comes down to your vision for your business (are you building it to sell it, pass it along, you don't care!), and your own business model including the products and services you offer (commodity products, high-end customized products, highly personal products such as coaching, etc...), and the market in which you operate.

Our news site is buzzing with this very important question, and we want to hear from you - let's hear your opinion on this critical question - you can comment below the post over at: InfoProduct Marketing News

Keith Livingston On -- The Power Of Audio Information Products

By Jeff Smith

A few weeks ago, I had the great chance to interview Keith Livingston, a professional audio expert that has recently released a terrific DVD training package titled "Make Your Own Audio Products On A ShoeString Budget!"

There were many powerful secrets Keith shared with us during the call, but something especially important stuck with me after the call...

I had always considered audio products as an add-on, or a nice bonus that would help bump up the value of information product package - you know, an interview with an expert to add value to an existing package.

Keith came at things a little differently, and recently I've changed by gameplan to producing more and more audio information products.

Specifically, Keith reviewed the low-cost and no-cost tools you can use from home to record and produce your own professional audio information products - then described the process of burning and shipping your information on CD or DVD increasing the perceived value by a factor of 3 or 4 - and giving you a tangible product to ship to your customers.

Here is some of the information we talked about:

  • MICROPHONE:What microphone should I use to record my audio products. We all struggle to get the most professional sounding recording - as Keith mentions - most of his projects use a decent quality lapel microphone, something in the $40-$60 range - nothing too expensive is required.
  • WHERE DO YOU PLUG IT IN: No - we weren't talking dirty here - the advice Keith gave was to first simply try plugging your microphone directly into your sound card MIC jack - often this will give you the best sound, so long as you have a decent sound card in your PC.
  • HOW DO YOU EDIT AUDIO: This one should really blow you away, there is a very good quality audio editing software already available at no-charge on the internet today - it's called Audacity, and it can be made to do much of what $1,000+ audio editing packages will charge including editing out unwanted sections, mixing music into your voice, adding filters to filter out hum, etc...

Keith turned out to be an almost unlimited supply of knowledge around cost-effective, highly professional audio product development.

I've been producing audios for several years and still learned a TON from his latest product - so be sure to get hold of...

"Make Your Own Audio Products On A ShoeString Budget!"

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

For some, summer is the time to kick-back, relax, not exactly the time to kill yourself developing your next product or your latest marketing campaign -- but even still, we had excellent discussions going on over at the Information Marketer's Zone over the last few weeks

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • WILL THIS TOPIC SELL?: A link was posted exploring a very interesting e-book topic - it had to do with avoiding rush hour traffic in one of the busiest cities in the world! Interesting case study for an e-book business.
  • TIPS BOOKLETS Some wonderful ideas posted on the powerful and entertaining interview we held with Tips and Booklets expert Paulette Ensign just over a week ago. Although we pointed out that tips booklets could be used for marketing, they also present a very real opportunity to quickly get into marketing tangible, physical, printed products.
  • MS WORD E-BOOK DESIGN TIPS Feedback from one of our members led me to quickly put together a 10-minute video exploring the simple, yet often unknown features in Microsoft Word that can make your e-book look like a published masterpiece!

Power Words

"Power Words" are words that you can use in your information product titles, web page headlines and sub-headings, signatures, press release headings, pay-per-click ads, solo advertisements, links from other web pages, signature and resource boxes that will increase attention and improve action within your market.

Now there are hundreds of power words, but here are just a few that I've found work extremely well to draw attention and sales to my information products:

  • Commanding
  • Staggering
  • Mesmerizing
  • Sensational
  • Stunning
  • Wow!
  • A Knockout
  • Masterful

Try using these powerful action words in your marketing and watch your readers take more action and see your information product marketing business grow astronimically.

Why Tips Booklets Can Be So Amazingly Profitable

"There is no simpler, more effective, quick way to get your own hard-copy information product published to bring in extra profit AND to drive massive traffic to your website.

We've all seen them, the small 2.5" by 4" "Top Ten" Tips booklets that are often sent to us in the mail, given to us at trade shows or seminars.

What you may not know is that the authors of these tips booklets rake in huge profits through licensing their work to prospective clients. That's right, instead of selling one or two information products at a time, with tips booklets you can license the rights to thousands upon thousands to just one client - earning you a year's pay with just a few deals.

Here are some of the ways you can license your Tips Booklets...

  • License to a magazine publisher to help drum up renewals
  • License to a catalog company to help fill out their catalog with content
  • License to businesses for coffee cups, tee-shirts or other promotional items
  • License your tips to other marketers who want to give away content to get more sales

To find out more about licensing opportunities and to learn the story of how Paulette Ensign licensed over a million copies of her Tips Booklets - visit our news article called "Why Tips Booklets Can Be So Profitable"

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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