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What Will You Tell People When They Ask Why You Are Home All Day?

By Jeff Smith

For those of you who haven't reached the point where you work from home on your own business yet, you have this to look forward to. It starts with peculiar looks, carries into vague questions about what you "do" ultimately leading to THE question...

What do you do at home all day?

Now I'm sure you are like me, you could come up with a dozen smart-ass answers -- "I'm earning millions by day-trading", or "I spend all day creating electrons which I sell for big money" -- until you realize that hey, this must look pretty weird.

In reality, just because you operate your own business doesn't necessarily mean you work from home. I operate my own business involving many different aspects including publishing and marketing information, consulting (which takes me to client sites), coaching (sometimes in person), and work away from home a fair amount simply due to the fact I have a 6 and 4 year old at home. Coming and going at various times of the day just seems to create more curiosity among your neighbors.

I've talked with other self-publishers, infoproduct and internet marketers and entrepreneurs in general about this phenomenon - some take it with a grain of salt, others like to string their neighbors along a little, while still others like to use this opportunity to gloat about the control they've regained in their lives.

What do I say?

I simply tell them I operate my own information publishing and coaching business which always brings a smile to their face - "you actually charge for information...". My response is "...yes, and its a beautiful thing!" What would your response be?

How Do You Develop Professional Looking eBook Covers?

By Jeff Smith

It's inevitable, if you develop information products, you will need professional looking covers. eBooks need a face, reports need a cover, audio and dvd products need covers as do software products.

Even if your testing has demonstrated that your sales webpage converts better without fancy graphics (which has been the case on occasion for me), you will need the cover for...:

  • AFFILIATES A common way affiliate will choose to market your product to their subscribers and visitors is through adding a graphic to their html email messages or add your graphic to their website or blog. While you won't necessarily get the burst of traffic from affiliates who use this approach, you do get a long-term, sustained traffic source which in the end, often ends up better than just an email blast.
  • eBook DIRECTORIES, WHOLESALERS AND RETAILERS: You have options now to publish your ebook in multiple places including ebook directories and retailers such as Amazon.com. To do so always requires a professional graphic as a base requirement for listing.
  • PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES When your ebook hits the market, you will often have publicity opportunities such as interviews, teleseminars, webinars, and other forms of promotional events in which you will need a professionally designed cover to market yourself

I see so many people trying to take a short-cut and find some magical software that will instantly create professional looking ebook covers - unfortunately that will never happen. Professional ebook covers require a combination of high-end software, access to high quality graphics and experience and artistic expertise in putting it altogether. Not only will you waste countless days trying to get this right, you will ultimately never be able to achieve the level of professional results that someone dedicated to ebook cover design will.

Fortunately, ebook cover design doesn't cost a fortune - I've always gone back to Vaughan Davidson over at Killer Covers - pay him a visit and see some of his handy work over at KillerCovers when you need your next ebook or infoproduct cover.

Using Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click To Generate Traffic

By Jeff Smith

If you have already used pay-per-click to generate traffic, or if you have been following the discussion boards over the last few months you will know that Google Adwords has become much more costly for most online marketers to use for traffic generation of late.

While you should always look at multiple methods to generate traffic, never becoming entirely reliant on any one method, Google Adwords is still an important tool especially when driving traffic to a new site or as one of your methods for generating traffic to your sales sites.

In this new world, its more important than ever that you be using pay-per-click properly, that you use it to its full advantage as a testing vehicle and that you track your profitability early on.

To help you along, we recently released two video tutorials that you can use to help you navigate through the Google Adwords world - the first video is aimed at those that have not yet setup their Adwords account while the second video is aimed at running profitable campaigns.

Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Introduction - Video 1

Google Adwords Pay-Per-click Secrets - Video 2

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

I was overjoyed to see that there was increasing interest on the topic of positioning yourself and your business, and what that can do for your results when marketing information products - there were some great exchanges over at Information Marketer's Zone

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • POSITIONING?: In response to an article we posted on the importance of positioning on your online marketing business results, Francis asked some great questions sparking a debate on what the most important aspects of positioning are for information product publishers and marketers.
  • NEW SITE - MARKET RESEARCH I came across a brand new site - still free in beta - that allows you to discover the top selling products on Amazon including sales rank, title, publisher, trend information and more within just seconds by keyword, title and other search mechanisms. I've already made this a key part of my infoproduct development process - we posted a video on how to use it.
  • NEW CONTENT POSTED We posted this week a brand new 1+-hour interview I conducted with Kim Rhodes that turned out to be an incredible resource for anyone starting or building their infoproduct marketing business. Kim asked some great questions on market research, techniques for building and pricing infoproducts and more...

Marketing Using Social Networking Sites

Until now, you've probably heard about Myspace.com, YouTube.com, and other social networking sites as the next wave attracting teenagers and hip online users, but haven't really thought how this might benefit your online marketing business.

Your forgiven, for it seems like there is no end to the gimmicks, techniques and distractions that threaten to fill up what little time you have left in the day to focus on starting and building your own online business. But, this time, you really should pay attention...

Predicting that social networking will completely displace search engine optimization and payed search engine marketing within the next few years is going overboard, however even the most entrenched search engine marketing experts admit that social networking will play an increasingly important role in generating traffic ultimately leading to a major role in e-commerce in the near future.

To help break through the general theory into specific ways that you can begin using social networking to generate real traffic and sales to your websites, read our latest blog posting on the topic...

"Marketing Using Social Networking Sites..."

Building An Information Product Marketing Business

What if you thought about your information product business in terms of the product portfolio you will have in 18-months time rather than the ebook, report or audio product you will be releasing a month from now?

Give it a try. Consider publishing 1 new product each quarter for the next 18-months - that would mean that in 18-months from today you would be operating an infoproduct publishing business with 6 products earning you revenue.

Of those 6 products, you should have a plan to mix the product offerings among low-end, entry-level products to higher-end specialized products. For example, your product mix may look like this...

  • Ebook #1
  • Bundle #1 - eBook+audio+bonuses
  • Package #1 - eBook+video tutorials
  • Coaching Program #1 - Products+Group coaching
  • Coaching program #2 - Products+Personalized Coaching
  • Membership Site #1

I haven't put price points beside each of these, but you certainly get the idea that not only will you have 6 sources of income, but they will each be progressively higher over time.

Let me assure you, this plan is not difficult to realize, even if you fell short by two products, having 4 product entries would provide you enough income and stability to easily replace the most significant of jobs - if that is your goal.

To get started fast, get hold of The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package - it gives you the formula to use to complete each of these projects in a way that will make them high-demand focusing on desparate buyers in your market.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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