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What's Better, Ezine Or Blog?

By Jeff Smith

Having a loyal, growing, responsive list is still the key to generating wealth with your own online marketing business. Trick is, how do you build that list? You hear statement like "Ezines are dead" and "Blogs are only read by a small number of people" which makes it confusing to know, should you deliver your content through an ezine or a blog?

You would be right in thinking that ezines have suffered, its harder to reach your customers and when you do, there is more skepticism over email delivered content than ever before - don't let anyone tell you this is NOT the case.

At the same time, there is a revolution taking place in how people read content. More and more people are turning to fresh content delivery methods such as blogs, social networking sites, podcasts - the big difference is that a) they can pull the information when THEY want to and b) they get the information delivered with some personality - unlike most ezines, articles and other information delivery tools.

So, what is a marketer to do?

Here's what I found works best...

I still produce a content rich ezine on a weekly or at most, bi-weekly basis. I choose to develop mine in html format and post it online. If you are reading this, then you will understand the format.

I also operate a very popular and high traffic blog aimed at Information Product Markters - a blog that gets well over 50,000 visitors each month, many returning multiple times to read the latest information (also called "stickiness"). I understand that people like the ability to seek out information on their own terms, without having it shoved down their throat through broadcast emails. So - when I post a newsletter, I announce it on the blog and send an email. Through email, I might access 10% of my target market (just a guesstimate), with the blog another 25% - all told I get to 35%.

Even more important, where I would have reached less than 50% of my subscribers via email due to a combination of email delivery problems, bad timing, competition in the Inbox, etc... I can now reach close to 100% by posting on the blog and by email broadcast.

Finally, I get the benefit of having a content rich html page (my online newsletter) which gets picked up by search engines over time along with the viral effect of a blog through the various blog directories, podcast directories and other blogs that will link to my postings.

As you can see, there are many advantages to operating both an ezine and a blog - in fact the impact of operating both is far greater than X2 increase for your effort.

So - let's stop the debating over ezine versus blog and understand that both together are far more powerful than either alone. So, I'll expect to see your blog starting sometime soon?

The Experts Are Wrong, Copywriting Can Be Learned

By Jeff Smith

It seems like we can always use improvement in our sales letter, advertisements, resource boxes and press releases can't we?

What most of the gurus won't tell you is that they constantly fiddle with their sales letters, often going through 10 to 15 different versions before hitting an acceptable conversion rate. Many others still continue to try different things even after hitting some initial success.

Question is, where do you focus your change?

First, the headline. Your headline, and sub-headline combination are the two most important pieces of your sales letter. There's no sense re-creating the wheel here, what you need is a good swipe file of past successful headlines that you can tailor to your sales letter. Try a few of them and you will hit one that coverts much better than others.

There's another really important concept to great copywriting - it has to do with the flow of the sales letter.

You can have the most incredible headline, but unless you can keep your reader's interest long enough to see your offer, you will lose the sale. So, its important to grasp "the reader's path" and how to master transitioning your reader from paragraph to paragraph, story to story and benefit to benefit.

I remember a master copywriter telling me early on about creating a story with sub-headings and also creating various "speed bumps" in your copy through the use of text boxes, bullets, indented paragraphs and quotes, and even graphics if used sparingly.

Anyone can write great copy, and it doesn't have to take years of practice IF you learn from someone who knows.

Once you know how, you have a very special and unique power to attract subscribers and customers on-demand.

That's why the new information produced by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer is so important - see the discussion we've posted yesterday...19 Million Dollar Sales Letters

35-Year Old Pregnant Women Writes Top Selling eBook

By Jeff Smith

Are you ready to be excited, inspired, even a little ecstatic over the prospect you really can produce your own top selling ebook even though you're not a writer?

You will want to jump over to our review of Sally Aubrey, an Australian 35-year old who turned a challenge into her very own top selling ebook in a very short time even though her background was that of a massage therapist - not a writer or even medical expert.

In this review, you will see how Sally took a common life challenge (pain and discomfort in pregnancy) and first launched her own successful blog moving to an ebook

Especially interesting is the process she went through to quickly research her market and understand that although there were many books on pregnancy, there were none that focused on reducing discomfort taking into account multiple approaches. Read how she found this new approach to a busy market here.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums this week has been powerful.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • PUBLICITY One of our postings this week gives a unique and highly effective case study for a press release format most people have not thought of. In fact, we have noticed these types of press releases getting picked up quite substantially by national and local publications. Best of all, any of you can put this technique to work for you in just minutes.
  • eBOOK CASE STUDY - There's no doubt, online video and social networking are major topics of interest on the internet today. So, what can we learn about a new ebook launch that taps into the YouTube buzz on the internet - you may be surprised to find out the technique this author used to gain almost instant fame, even though he doesn't yet have his full product developed.
  • TRAFFIC GENERATION As Pay-per-click becomes more costly, advertising more expensive and competition getting tighter, ranking in the search engines is getting even more important. There is some good discussion about the special factor of "reputation" Google uses in its ranking criteria. In fact, on the forum posting, you get a few sites that we know have a good reputation rating from Google - that's where you can focus your effort on creating backlinks.

Blogging Is Changing Publishing Forever - Why It Matters To You!

Like it or not, blogging is massively changing the way information is communicated, and now is the right time to learn the craft.

You can review our full review of this topic over at our blog, needless to say there are massive gains to be made in terms of branding, marketing and even, in the future, paid access to content.

I've talked about it in past issues, we start to see tools that are capable of taking RSS format content (the underlying format blogging software uses to publish and syndicate your content) and packaging it into PDF's or Word documents that can then be marketed as an information product

What about paid blogs? I would argue its only a matter of time before you begin to see paid blogs - its happened with every other form of content delivery where the top experts, most popular leaders are able to charge a fee for their content.

Even though I'm the only one that seems to be talking about charging for blog content, its seems a logical next step given past experiences and trends. If any of you have an opinion or have seen other discussions or articles on this topic, let me know by leaving a comment on our blog entry under this topic.

Where Do You Go To MASTER Information Product Marketing?

What are the elements you need to produce wealth with your own information products:

  • Well thought out business strategy
  • Compelling value proposition
  • Access To your market
  • Desirable product with desparate buyers
  • Automated Marketing campaign
  • Sustainable business model
While you don't have to be THE expert in all or any of these areas, you certainly do need to be doing all of them and have a strength in one or two of these areas.

Other trianing packages and coaching programs deal either with internet marketing or product creation, but none of them deal with your desire to be an information product marketer in each of the areas outlined above.

I understand how frustrating it can be to get information on marketing tactics, as an example, but miss critical information on business planning or product creation. For your business to succeed in a big way, you need all 6 factors.

Fortunately, the Information Product Marketer's Zone is based on providing you the tools, techniques, strategies and ongoing coaching in each of these 6 areas through a host of videos, audios, live discussion boards, coaching calls and more...

Even better, there's some great free information to get you started right now.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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