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How To Pull More Profit From Your Market

By Jeff Smith

You've come across hundreds of them, often you click away within seconds, never giving them a second thought - forgetting you ever arrived there in the first place.

Can you guess what I'm talking about?

Right, sites that simply do not catch your attention, fail to generate any interest from you and do not compel you to read any further to figure out what they are all about.

As a marketer, I'm sure you understand the importance of a powerfully written sales letter - after all it's all about the marketing right?

Wrong! In fact, the most important part of ANY business, determining its eventual success or failure and having a major impact on HOW successful that business will be is it's unique value proposition

Why is your unique value proposition so important?

  • Guides your choice of market, desire/need and choice of business direction. So many people struggle with lack of, or a very weak, definition of niche market or opportunity definition within their chosen niche market. A major reason why is that they are not looking to define a unique value that would let them stand out, instead they typically pick a market and copy someone else's idea or model - hardly unique.
  • Gives you a confident, committed enthusiasm for your business. Often overlooked is the benefit of motivation, enthusiasm, and passion that is so important to business building that comes from having a unique value proposition you are convinced will help you dominate your market. If you are jumping from opportunity to opportunity, business to business, product to product, then it could very well be that you do not feel there is enough value in your ideas and models.
  • Turns weak headlines and copy into power-packed copy. The real secret copywriters won't divulge is that powerful sales copy, headlines, press releases are deeply dependent on developing a powerful unique value proposition. Developing a strong UVP as core of your business will enable both strong messaging as well as products and services that can fulfill on that promise
  • Wealth attraction. Clarity, passion, concise value proposition are key components to drawing other successful entrepreneurs, partners, affiliates, co-development opportunities your way. Most marketers and entrepreneurs beat their heads against the wall 24-hours/day trying to attract a network of active, big-name partners when having a unique value proposition will automatically get you there with much less effort.

To repeat, developing or improving your unique value proposition for your business is the single most important, income impacting activity you can spend time on. To help get you through the process, read more here "How Do You Develop Your Own Unique Value Proposition"

How To Formulate A Billionaire Mindset

The more successful our business becomes and the more high achievers we come into contact with the clearer it becomes that actions and mindset are critical - even more important than the tools, techniques and strategies you learn about business

Yet if I had to ask any one person how much time they spent on studying and making changes to their mindset versus how much time you spent studying and applying tactical tools, techniques and strategies on operating your business - the split is biased heavily toward tactics.

When we are starting out, our assumption is that there are one or more techniques that millionaires and billionaires have used that gave them their edge - that took their business from a hobby to a profit making machine.

What has become crystal clear to me however is that they often use the exact same techniques as everyone else - in fact sometimes even fewer, with the real advantage coming from their mindset and action-oriented mindset.

If we choose to admit it or not, we all have limitations. Some typical limitations that may be standing between you and untold billions are:

  • Fear of interacting with people in your market which prevents you from discovering the true opportunities that can be turned into fast profit
  • Reduced capability for listening. To become wealthy, you must learn to listen to those around you allowing you to pick up on new product ideas, markets, trends and key opportunity triggers within your market
  • Go it alone thinking. Nobody can create a billion dollar business by themselves. In fact, it's challenging to even create a million dollar business that way. You must learn to network, share responsibility, clarify objectives and create a framework within which you can evaluate those around you
  • Procrastination and Dreaming. Dreaming is great, but there are millions of poor dreamers. Taking action on just one thought or dream can lead to a flood of profit. You MUST become action oriented.
  • Operating within your comfort zone. This is a big one. Without exception, every big money earner has learned to not only operate out of their comfort zone, but to thrive on continually pushing their business in directions that take them outside of their comfort zone.
  • Expecting no resistance. Many new business builders fold at the first sign of resistance. Billionaires expect resistance - even drive to create it. Success is achieved by breaking through pockets of resistance.

For any of you with high aspirations and dreams in your business, you will find this information on the Billionaire Mindset to be of critical importance to realizing your goals. Read "Advice From Billionaires - Can It Be So Simple?" to understand more about the Billionaire mindset from some very successful people.

Turning Niche Marketing Into Your Real Advantage

By Jeff Smith

At first, I hesitated to re-visit this often discussed topic of niche marketing, but then I figured out that most people still struggle with how to focus on a niche market and what to do next - what are your next steps after having identified a niche market?

In fact, I've sensed somewhat of a backlash toward niche marketing - due in large part to the fact most people have trouble identifying niche markets and second, they don't understand what to do next.

Now, you can understand how to really apply niche marketing and turn niche marketing into more dollars in your bank account in this article Niche Markets Create Niche Opportunities.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week has been interesting.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • USP VERSUS UVP The great debate over Unique Selling Proposition versus Unique Value Proposition raged on this past week when Francis commented on some of the techniques within InfoMarketerszone helping discover and capitalize on your own Unique Value Proposition. What a great exchange - there are some very fundamental differences extremely important to the future of any business, a great discussion.
  • MARKET TRENDS - As information product marketer's, tapping into trends can put us in front of million dollar and even billion dollar opportunities. We discuss two massive trends in society - aging population and impacts on our health - to understand several in-demand topics you could use to start your own infoproduct empire.
  • PUBLISHING What is the future of publishing? How is it changing? What are some of the directions we see content development, information marketing and content publishing headed? Some surprising events have taken place in the last few months that give us a clue where this is all going - once again with a goal of InfoMarketersZone members being on the leading edge.

A Fire In Your Belly Often Leads To Wealth

What I have to say here could be quite controversial, especially to pure writers, authors, and freelance writers who often make their living writing about topics others want them to write about.

It amazes me to find throngs of poorly paid freelance writers all competing for low-paying projects on the freelance writing and coding sites - not because they are great writers that deserve more, but because they are secretly using their skills to make other people wealthy while they themselves compete for the table scraps left over.

In my recent blog entry "Get Jazzed About Your Writing Topic", I talk about how well positioned writers really are to turn their talents into their own personal fortune - if they only realized it!

There are two important skills for turning information into dollars.

First, you need the ability to discover questions, desires, frustrations and opportunities in markets. Where are you most likely to spend the time discovering such opportunties? In markets you are jazzed about!

You may already have a million dollar idea within you right now because of your passion or knowledge of a market.

Second, you must be able to craft a thoughtful, unique solution system for your market. That could be a one-time ebook, report or book OR it could be an ongoing service, membership site, audio or video series.

Now I'm hoping if you have ever performed research or freelance writing you are hitting yourself on the head right now and saying - Ah HA!! That's what I'm doing now, except I am getting 1% of the profits for the work I'm doing.

Read this section again - the response I am hoping for from you is that you are so upset that you instantly begin to look at your time, talent and energy in an entirely new way that will bring you the profit and riches you deserve.

T'is The Season To Be Overwhelmed!

It all comes crashing down around this time of year doesn't it?

The Christmas Season can certainly be a happy one, but the pressures hit us from every angle don't they?

Family, job, shopping, traffic, millions of stressed-out people, deadlines - it's typical of the last few weeks in December.

Add to all of that the fact that end of year sales for non-seasonal, online businesses can sometimes be a little flat causing anxiety from any of you who track your sales hour-by-hour, day-by-day.

There's another added anxiety too isn't there?

The end of the year is approaching and you are forced to review your accomplishments, track your achievements against your goals and face the grim reality that you may not be quite as far along as you had expected - now that can be challenging to deal with.

It's important to get over this - fast! You don't want to head into 2007 depressed, deflated, anxious and trapped, instead you want to start refreshed, raring to go and ready to see some massive results in 2007.

Here are a few ways you can snap out of your December funk.

  • Focus on the positives in 2006. When you decide to launch your own business, it takes time and there is a learning curve. What are the few things you have learned this year that will help you achieve even more in 2007?
  • Understand that what you do tomorrow is not limited by what you did yesterday. As long as you keep moving forward, any negatives in 2006 will not hold you back
  • Achievement is simply the result of what you have learned from a series of setbacks. So, be happy, if you have had many setbacks in 2006, you are well positioned to succeed in 2007
  • Commit to 2 major mindsets in 2007 - taking action, stepping outside your comfort zone
  • You can do it! If you haven't quite reached your goals yet, you will so long as you continually learn, do and review.

Sometimes it takes being part of a group to help you move ahead faster - if that's where you are, then we invite you to become a part of a very unique, positive and action-oriented group of information and online marketing entrepreneurs over at the Information Marketer's Zone.

From our business and family to yours, we want to wish you a peaceful and prosperous finish to 2006 and can't wait to discover what sits around the bend in 2007!

Happy Holidays To All Of You.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2006

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