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Why It's Easier To Create InfoProducts If You Are NOT A Writer

By Jeff Smith

When many of us start thinking about developing our own e-book, report, courses or other information products, we get concerned that only writer's can put together such a product - after all, that's what they have been trained to do right?

Fact is a careful examination of the writing market will show that almost all writers are either suffering financially or they work at other jobs or tasks to actually earn a living.

Now we get many writers that contact us for help, join our various email lists or read our blog daily - most are unhappy with their current situation.

Why Can't Writers Make Millions With Their Work?

There is one fundamental problem with writers that make it harder for them to crank out profit-producing e-books and infoproducts - they do not value their research and business skills.

Here's a recent comment from a subscriber - ok it's an unsolicited testimonial, but it drives home the point:

"I knew that owing a product is a surefire method to make money online. Since I had only basic computer skills it was practically impossible for me to create products that I can sell.

Though the techniques in this exellent package changed all that. I can create info products because I have methods I can easily follow. It is even fun cause I create products related to what I love.

I will keep refering to this ultimate guide to help me creating more products.

Thanks a lot!!"

Karl Smith

In fact, we teach very little about writing in the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Package that Karl talks about above, 90% is focused on how to discover demand, match that with content and produce quick, profitable infoproducts to sell online.

Does it work?

Just as Karl says, non-writers have proven it works time and time again, the best part is you get to keep all the profit instead of 5-10% traditional writers get.

If you are finally ready to have your own information product to sell online - if 2007 will be the year when you begin pulling profits from your own online business, then you will be happy to know we have added one month's free access to our private member's InfoMarketer's Zone when you get the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success System. This special won't last long and is going out to our subscribers this week. Visit the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package here.

Is It Easy To Go From $25K To $80K Online

It's a dream so many of us start off with - to replace our full-time income working at a job with your own business income.

What would that target be for many of you?

$80K or maybe $100K with some of you in technology or senior management at $150K?

For many who take some sort of action, it's quite reasonable to expect $20K - $25K within a year of learning the ropes - getting that far is not too challenging for anyone with an ounce of enthusiasm and the ability to take consistent action.

So, the question becomes, what does it take to get from $25K part-time to replace your full-time income - say $80K?

  • First, the difference between $25K and $80K is simply more of the same. In other words, if your business model is Adsense sites, it means roughly 3X more Adsense sites. If your business model is Advertising, then it takes more sites and more traffic allowing you to generate more advertising revenue. If your business model is e-books or infoproducts, then it means either increasing your customers by a factor of 3, increasing your value per customer by 3 or some combination of the two.
  • Second, if you have built your initial business, now earning $25K, properly, adding products, services and customers will largely be on autopilot - much simpler than getting to the first $25K. Where things become a little challenging is where you break the $80-$100K barrier and you have trouble keeping up - then there is the issue of growth to get to $500K and beyond, but that's for another time.
  • Third, be sure to plan your business around achieving your end goal. Chances are if you plan your business around $2K/month - that's what you will get and it will be constructed in such a way as to be difficult to reach $80K or more. If you plan your business from the beginning around a model that will get you to $80K and beyond, then $25K will be just a stepping stone on the way to greater things.

Within the InfoMarketer's Zone we spend significant time and focus on increasing traffic, increasing average revenue per customer and tools that help you plan your business case around information products - these 3 critical areas are what you need to take your part-time infoproduct business to a full-time, profit-producing venture.

Another Way To Make Money With Information

By Jeff Smith

You know I absolutely endorse creating and selling your own information products - I believe every man, woman and child should have their own infoproduct marketing business - no matter what their main product, service or business is.

OK, now that I got that off my chest, I am also completely open to giving information away to build a list and readership - your own network of crazed followers!

For example, you will see a report I put together on Yoga and Meditation over at Yoga Success, which I use to entice opt-ins - it's a business where list-building is my main focus at this time.

Yikes! Am I turning into an Adsense lunatic?

No way!

You will notice Adsense on the site, but it's not the main purpose of this site (or any site I launch). In fact, these niche-market sites have 3 main purposes for my business:

  • Traffic generation. With these minisites, I've decided this is a market I want to investigate and operate a business around, but it's not entirely clear what that business will be so I begin the process of attracting traffic and more importantly, establish myself in the search engines which now take into account not only site design, content but also how long the site has been up. So - by launching the site now and starting to build content, the entire process of being indexed and attaining position is accelerated.
  • The Power of Follow-On's: More that 75% of your information product sales will come from follow-on sequence - otherwise known as an autoresponder. So - get yourself an Aweber account from here, build a sequence of follow-up tips, messages, case studies, news items and more - then begin building your opt-in list in anticipation of greater things to come.
  • Your Network Of Advisors: I find it crucial to building your online business that you have direct access to your network of subscribers - that way you can validate your ideas, test new products, test new campaigns, test prices, ask them what they want, and gain instant feedback until you figure out what works. I'm convinced that nobody is smart enough to read the mind of your market entirely - so testing is the only alternative.

So - when you are stuck getting started with your online business, jump in with both feet and setup your minisite, special report, follow-up model and get ready to dominate your market.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week has been interesting.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • SUCCESS MINDSET So much of business success is dependent upon having the right mindset, this week's discussion touched on the controversial difference between security and going after your passions.
  • MILLIONAIRE DOES IT AGAIN - Donald Trump is the subject of much discussion on the forums this week, not because of his run-in with Rosie O'Donnel, but many people wonder why he is "wasting" so much time writing books and offering online courses? We give our two cents in the discussion forum.
  • TRAFFIC CREATION We talked about a HOT website that will drive traffic to your website for nothing - except maybe 5-minutes of your time, and it works - we've been seeing some very nice traffic for the last few days after posting the technique in our forum.

Website Design Headaches - Gone

No matter if you are just starting out designing and developing your first niche minisite, or you are developing your 20th site for launch - having a single tool that helps you design and launch your minisite, create basic graphics and help you understand the basics of copywriting has not existed until a few week's ago that is...

After a great deal of interest in the Internet Marketing and web design community, I decided to check out Marlon Sander's new Design Dashboard - and I have to say, it's pretty cool.

With equal parts brilliant information and templates with tools, it's great for someone starting out or someone who wants to launch numerous niche market websites fast.

We've started to use it for our most recent projects - we'll post the results soon.

Here's How To Make Money With Public Domain Information

When you want to turn information into dollars, nothing beats original content - that's the plain truth.

But, there are lots of ways we've used public domain material to earn even more profit with our online information product marketing business -- and you can do it too...

  • Create amazing bonus offers
  • Add to your e-book, course or infoproduct
  • Change the format and deliver public domain information in a unique way
  • Create viral reports and incentive downloads for your opt-in lists
By using public domain material in the right way, you can turn a very tidy profit and speed up your information product development significantly.

Read more about our latest project and how we've used public domain material to drive our business in "Public Domain eBooks Being Sold?"

Wishing You All The Success...


Jeff Smith
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