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Finding The Clear Path To Online Money Making

By Jeff Smith

When I first started marketing products and services online back in 1999, the problem wasn't too much information, instead it was too little!

There were a handful of "experts" online at that time, and most of us were going through the process of experimentation together - with a few exceptions such as Jonathan Mizel, Marlon Sanders and Corey Rudl who were miles ahead of anyone else.

But that's it...you could study material from these three geniuses in a few days and jump right in to building on what they taught.

That's not the case today is it?

Today, you can quickly get buried under the birage of information, tips, techniques and strategies.

The good news is that most of the information out there will help you to make money online, but the bad news is that you must pull a few secrets from a mountain of information that will help YOU with your online business goals.

In fact, finding a clear path to quickly ramp up your online marketing business is one of the top challenges that stands between you and the incredible excitement of living the life of a wealthy online entrepreneur.

To help you cut through the fluff, know what specific information you need to look for to get started fast online and focus on the most important priorities, read this important article now: "Clear Path To Your Online Business Success"

Should You Use Clickbank To Manage Your Affiliate Program?

Have you experienced the pleasure of seeing hundreds of sales generated each month by an army of hard-working affiliates while your biggest worry is how you will get their commission checks out on time?

I have to tell you, one of the most exciting, invigorating, and motivating feelings you will ever have will come from seeing a world-wide network of hungry affiliates promoting your product 24-hours a day, 7-days each week without you having to lift a finger.

Building your own affiliate network will help you...

  • Generate a storm of consistent, relevant traffic
  • Get you noticed as a player in your market
  • Draw even more affiliates and partners to you
  • Increase your conversion rates over general, non-targeted traffic
  • Give you a private distribution channel you can use to launch more products and services
  • Bring you attention that will get you even more traffic and publicity
  • Get you immediate traffic for free

So, I'm assuming you have decided that you MUST start and grow your own affiliate program.

Next question is, what system or service do you use to manage your affiliate program?

Managing your affiliate program involves the following:
  • Accepting signups and distribution of affiliate information such as affiliate links, statistics, personalized management and tools
  • Takes care of all the tracking and commission generated from your army of affiliate partners.
  • Offers statistics to you (top affiliates, best producers, top traffic generators,etc...) and to your customers
  • Makes tracking and paying your affiliates simple for the affiliate manager
  • Tracks and takes care of adjusting commissions for any returns, discounts, special offers or individual commission levels that you have defined

You may not have thought about all of these functions, but as you grow your affiliate network, you will quickly grow to depend heavily on your affiliate management software or service.

To understand more about the different affiliate management system options you have, including Clickbank, here is a special article we wrote to help you decide on the best system for your online business --> "Should You Use Clickbank To Manage Your Affiliate Program?"

8 Power-Packed Sales Letter Writing Secrets

By Jeff Smith

Copywriting (the ability to write in a way that will persuade your reader to take an action) is one of the most neglected aspects of online marketing.

I've met so many people that simply feel that traffic generation is everything - if I make 1-sale in 300, I just need to make sure I've got 300% more traffic coming to my site!

Of course this sounds ridiculous when you read it here, but it's the way most online businesses operate. How much time have you put into learning the art of writing compelling, attention grabbing, persuasive copy that gets results?

There are some giant copywriters out there that have spent decades honing their craft, John Carleton, Miche Fortin, Gary Halbert just to name a few. And it you have the tens or hundreds of thousands it costs to use their services, off you go.

Most online marketers don't have that option, so wouldn't it make sense to at least know the basics of how you can double or triple your conversion rate?

Here are 8 fundamental parts of copywriting to understand first - this will help you get more customers to buy after reading almost anything you write.../FONT>

  • Attract Your Reader
  • Enhance the Pain
  • Be Credible
  • Solution Description
  • Focus On Benefits
  • Remove Risk
  • Compelling Offer
  • Finish with Bang

Head over to "Profit From These 8 Power Copywriting Secrets" for a free blueprint on improving your advertising using these 8 fundamental copywriting secrets.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week has been interesting.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • MARKETING TOOLSWe announced two professional, customizable Name Squeeze pages (complete with html and graphics) to our members this week, we have had pages like these designed for $97 a pop - a great value for our members.
  • PROVEN ONLINE BUSINESS MODEL After realising one of the biggest challenges online entrepreneurs are having is putting all of the information they have on affiliate marketing, infoproduct marketing, Adsense marketing, and advertising business models together into simple, clear and workable business model for them to follow fast. We posted a new video this past week that shows how we have been combining these models for the last few years to build strong immediate AND long-term profit.
  • PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT There was an interesting study released this past week about the impact of an afternoon siesta on heart disease which started a discussion on the impact of relaxation and taking a time-out on your business results.

Last Few Spots In Internet Marketing Seminar of 2007

If you are looking at making 2007 you're year to really break out and claim your rightful spot among the online marketing elite, then attending one of the most prestigous, impactful and well attended seminars is a very good place to make that happen.

Yanik Silver is back with UnderGround Version III - I've attended the previous 2 and all I can say is WOW! Check it out here: Yanik's Superb UnderGround Seminar - and yes, the information and contacts I made at past Underground Seminars has put tens of thousands of extra dollars in my pocket.

Do Article Submission Services Really Work?

Have you ever wondered about the best way to get your articles into the hands of as many publishers and sites that can really influence your traffic and sales?

You're not alone - but most people aren't willing to accept that article writing can be your #1 technique for generating massive sales online...but we've been doing it for over 5-years now and there is more opportunity than ever.

Here's a recent blog posting on our article writing techniques including some real screenshots of what automatic article submission services can do for your results.

Read all about "Do Automatic Article Submission Services Really Work" here.

Wishing You All The Success...


Jeff Smith
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