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How Do You Know If It Is The "Right" Niche For You?

By Jeff Smith

There continues to be a massive amount of confusion around niche marketing, and how to pick your first (or next) niche market for your online marketing business.

Here are 3 common issues that sidetrack the most talented, highest motivated entrepreneurs preventing them from making a single penny online...

  • Failure to understand that the most important part of picking your niche market is how it fits for "You". How does the niche line up with your passions and strengths?
  • Mistaking the number of websites on a main keyword representing the niche market as a measurement of "competition"
  • Not knowing where or how to test for real demand for your intended product
  • Confusing competition in getting traffic and competition for your product - though they are related, they are two very different concepts

Ok, so those are the most common mistakes, anyone who has taken action and marketed information products online is guilty of making at least one of these mistakes growing their business...BUT what you really want to know is how to really tell if your niche market or product idea is the right one for you...

That's exactly what you will find at this blog posting titled "Is This The Right Niche For Me?"

Master The Art of Blogging

Blogging is not only a terrific way to connect with your readers, build trust and credibility but is also an exceptionally good way to get the search engines to visit your site sooner and more often.

We operate several blogs associated with our various sites, no matter what niche market, no matter what the topic or who the audience, they all returned the same impressive results in terms of doubling (sometimes even tripling) traffic, ranking highly for organic searches in search engines and driving more traffic and more sales to our product sites.

Many of you have still not started blogging, I would strongly suggest you get started right away by either setting up your own Google Blogger account or installing the latest version of Wordpress on your site.

For those of you who are ready to get started, or haven't been seeing the results you expect, keep these 8 blogging tips in mind...

  • Keep your blog posting in the range of 5-20 posts each week
  • Create compelling subject headings for your blog postings, that's what most people see first in directories and search engines
  • Target keyword phrases in your blog postings, of course ensure they are still relevant and make sense
  • Mix up your content. One day you may post a tip, another day a link and opinion to a news story, another day a link to a Youtube video, followed by a product or site review.
  • Mix information with personality. Formulate an opinion, demonstrate that you are thinking about the topics you post and are not just a directory, but a true blog
  • Ask questions, make controversial statements in order to solicity comments and feedback
  • Mix links back to your sites into the context of your blog postings - not all posts should have links, some should be simply informational in nature
  • Link to other blogs targeting your market. Learn how "tracebacks" work, these will typically result in other blog publishers linking to your stories creating still more traffic.
  • Don't forget to have an opt-in form on your blog - you want to harvest signups as well as establish a long-term readership
  • Submit your blog to the major blog directories - most are highly respected by the search engines resulting in both fast indexing and strong back-links to your blog
Finally, don't be afraid of blogging. It's one of the simplest ways for rookies or people that have very limited time to communicate with your market, gain search engine attention and build trust with credibility leading to future sales.

eBook Sites Being Snapped Up!

By Jeff Smith

You may be struggling to just understand the basics of doing business online, and releasing your own information product or eBook may seem just a dream, but it's important that you hear this information.

I watch a half-dozen sites on the internet that broker and sell online businesses - website owners that start a business and for a variety of reasons, end up selling.

Of the dozens upon dozens of established online businesses that were sold this last week, there were 4 that included an information product. For those of you considering an online business model and whether you should put the time and effort into developing your own report, ebook or infoproduct - you will find this interesting.

First, not one of the 4 sites including e-book lasted longer than 1-hour once posted. In other words, demand was extremely high.

Second, each of them go their asking price, and it is quite possible that two of them received a substantial amount more because they were posted on an auction site that allowed follow-up bids to be placed.

Each of these sites received at least a 1-year multiple, and 2 of them close to a 3-year multiple, of what they were making in revenue. So, let's say your e-book business was bringing in $1,000/month, that means you could sell that site tomorrow for between $12K and $36K minimum. Assuming you showed some hisotry with that sale, had a substantial subscriber list to go along with it, you could easily fetch $50K or more.

Compare this with the hundreds of others sites that took days to sell (if they ever did), often went for a fraction of the asking price and likely cost the publisher more to develop the site and business than he received for it. You get the picture, having your own unique, in-demand ebook is valued highly - and that could pay off handsomely for you some day.

Join us over at Information Product Marketer's Zone if you are ready to quickly develop your own unique information product and get serious about your online business.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week has been interesting.

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • MONETIZATIONBob started a very powerful discussion on how to turn a content site into profit generating business online. The result was a terrific set of tips for marrying content with successful business models.
  • VIRAL REPORT MARKETING Francis started a great thread that began with a question on whether he should give his viral report away to drive signups or allow affiliates to brand the report and give it away. In this thread we discussed 2 ways he could both allow affiliates to drive traffic to his report and gain signups tagged with affiliate links for his partners and gain his own signups all with 1 method.
  • NICHE MARKETING There continue to be many questions around picking the "right" niche markets for our members. We certainly shared some methods, videos that helped walk our members through the process, but also provided insight into the difference between niche infoproduct topic selection and niche targeting for traffic generation.

Persuasive Writing - Turning Words Into Dollars

Even if you don't fancy yourself a giant in the world of ad or copywriting, you have to admit that the simple ability to put a few words on a page that result in someone clicking an order button to buy based solely on what you say is neat!

In fact, as many a copywriter will tell you, if you can become reasonably proficient at copywriting, you will never suffer from financial problems again. Assuming you can convince people to buy, there are an endless supply of products and services to sell or people who need your expertise to help them sell their products and services.

So, yes I advise anyone who is serious about operating an online business to get at least a basic working knowledge of the fundamentals of writing persuasive copy.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend a fortune to get most of that education. A great place to start is our recent blog posting explaining the most powerful concept millionaire copywriters have used for decades to turn readers into rabid buyers every time - Read "Did You Know About I-B+C - And How It Can Earn You A Fortune?"

Can You Build An InfoProduct Business Starting Part-Time?

It's got to be the biggest question on most people's mind, yet it rarely gets asked and even more rarely gets brought up by the guru's teaching online marketing or infoproduct marketing fundamentals.

The question is, can you start and build a full-time online business based on your current reality of part-time time availability?

The good news is...YES!

How do I know the answer is Yes? Simply because it has been done many times before. Most of the guru's you now know started their business part-time or were thrust into a full-time availability due to quitting or being layed off from their job.

Let's face it, we are entrepreneurs of the purest sense. We start with what we have in our pockets and build a busines that is lucrative, highly profitable and self-sustaining in less time than it takes most businesses with millions of dollars of investment to even hit break even.

This is such an important question - we published an article last week on 6 critical factors to building a strong, growing information product marketing business online, AND that will help you get started with less effort understanding that you are likely starting part-time. Read "How Anyone Can Make Profit With EBooks Part-Time" Here.

Jeff Smith
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