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It's So Easy...Using Articles To Generate Massive Traffic

By Jeff Smith

There is nothing quite like opening up your website statistics program to find out where the massive spike in traffic, signups and sales is coming from only to find that a few of your articles or blog postings have achieved top 3 listing for highly searched keywords on Google, MSN or Yahoo.

That's what has been happening to our sites over the last few months.

Great for us right? Yes, but let's try and share some information that will also make it great for you.

I'm talking about traffic doubling - hundreds of extra visitors each day signing up to my lists and buying both our own and affiliate products at a higher conversion rate than average web traffic - all for no extra cost...this is NOT paid advertising but all the result of organic search.

If this inforamtion doesn't get your fingers to tapping, then nothing will. Read our latest blog posting where we share our exciting findings on content driving traffic right here..."Content - Aged To Perfection"

Most important is to take action - stop wondering, doubting, questioning and thinking about how content development will drive traffic and profits to your online business - instead use that valuable time you have taking action developing content now.

Setting Up Your Own Forum

Setting up a forum to attract attention and create a "buzz" around your topic can be a great technique to help start or build your online business.

In most cases, you can start with traffic generation techniques such as article writing, blogging, search engine optimization and operating your own affiliate program to get the traffic rolling, then consider starting your own forum to build even more traffic while encouraging multiple visits to your site.

So, what will it cost to start your own forum?

Not allot actually, you can find discussion forum software that has been widely used for no charge and with a little work, have your forum up and operating within 1-day.

Three popular forum platforms are phpBB, vBulletin and SMF (Simple Machines Forum)

Each has broad community support, simplified steps for installation and maintenance, a good feature set - but you will likely prefer one format over the other so take a look at the appearance and structure of each model.

So - what does it take to setup your discussion forum?

Give yourself 1-2 hours following these steps (assuming you already have your webhost selected)

  • Setup a domain or sub-directory on your existing domain where you want your forum installed.
  • Download the forum software installation
  • Extract it as per instructions with your forum install
  • Use FTP agent to upload the files to your desired location on your webhost
  • Create a database (typically MySQL)
  • Create a user and add them to your database - you will need this to configure your forum software once installed
  • Run the install script for your forum software where you will be prompted for some information such as Database name, username, locations and some additional preferences

Viola, you have yourself a forum. Your next concern becomes organizing the setup of your forum and beginning to post content in a way that will attract others to post as well.

Each of the forum software choices listed above are search engine friendly, so as you build activity, you will notice some good search engine indexing and positioning happening - after all, that's your ultimate goal right?

Clearing The Way To Earn Millions!

By Jeff Smith

He's nothing short of a miracle worker, my greatest fear is that I will wake up one day and not have access to his healing power, unlimited energy and gift for true health and wellness in people's lives.

I am speaking about gifted healer and mentor Dr. Tony Brunelle of Awakening Potentials

You may not know it yet...but the reasons you are not achieving great things in your business, career, relationships and life is that you carry baggage - both toxic garbage and spiritually damaging energy, Dr. Brunelle has the gift of being able to detect and quickly make massive improvements in your life - I know I've sat in his office when he's made change after change in my life.

I pay Tony over $100 for just 10-minutes of his time - his impact is that significant. But most people don't have direct access to him, those that do can't always afford his time...SO I'm very excited to share his techniques with you here...

Unleash Optimal Health And Intuitive Power!

If you are feeling down, low energy, can't seem to realize your dreams, have many headaches, digestive problems, can't stay motivated or are unable to take action to improve your life - then start with the Aura Clearing - you'll notice an immediate difference. Want to pave the way to greater Wealth or better Sleep, then you will find incredible, never-before-experienced help with Wealth and Sleep visualizations.

If you want to help someone who is struggling with cancer, then you'll be happy to see Dr. Brunelle's new "Conversations with Cancer".

Dr. Brunelle is the best kept secret - I'm lucky enough to have him just around the corner where he has run a massively popular practice for over 15-years, now it brings me pure joy to know that millions of others are benefiting from his gift - now you can too.

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

If its marketing tactics you are looking for, then the activity on the Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week has been rocking!

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • NICHE MARKETINGA subscriber asked about turning their health care experience into an information product marketing business which led to a lengthy exchange of suggestions, a real education on the methods of picking markets and topics with high potential for massive profits with information products. Not only did we discuss ebook strategies, but outlined an entire plan for a 100K+ infoproduct business in various topic areas.
  • COPYWRITING Mat echoed the frustration of many information marketers - both new and experienced - when they experience a low sales conversion rate for their website. We helped Mat with 9 different suggestions (which he is now implementing) to help him build up his conversion rate.
  • KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION A few different questions and posts around designing and growing websites with keyword rich content led to an awesome exchange of tools, techniques and strategies for building a site that attracts search engine attention, grows traffic fast and turns visitors into buyers successfully.

Are you ready to take your online marketing business to the next level? We have the tools, methods, templates, In-the-trenches experience, personal advice, bonus products and more to help you launch and grow your own information product marketing empire...it's all here in the InfoMarketer's Zone.

Taking Your Audio Recordings To the Next Level

Recording audio interviews is a great way to quickly develop high-value information products, not only can you market or give away your audios to bring in revenue, you can also attract major partners by exchanging interviews for their cooperation promoting your projects.

You'll find decent audio recording devices in your local electronics store that simply work to capture both ends of the telephone conversation from either your handset or by tapping into the wall jack. For many interview purposes this works well.

However, there are cases where you want to sound more professional, or your interviewee has a poor connection, quiet voice or just simply needs to be adjusted in order to sound professional.

With these $50 recording devices you can't exercise that kind of control because output of the call is bundled into one stream of audio - adjust the volume up and you both are louder. Ideally what you want is a recording device that gives you more control over the two ends of the conversation separately - fortunately that is possible without costing a fortune.

Start by taking a look at JK Audio - specifically the Inline Patch which allows you to separate the two ends of the conversation and manipulate them real-time or even output them as separate tracks to be manipulated through a mixer or in editing software after the fact.

I have used the Inline patch ($295) for a couple of years now, I do get a fixed hum which I'm able to edit out with a preset filter in Soundforge or Audacity - it's great for adjusting volume between the two ends.

JK audio also has the Broadcast Host (about $500) which adds the ability to channel a professional MIC through the phone (thereby giving you that Radio Station, broadcast quality sound). I've actually done this by speaking into both professional MIC and handset (so my interviewee could hear me) combining them both via external mixer - but it's a pain and there is some bleed through of your voice through the phone using this approach.

Using devices that split your signal allows you to improve the other end of the conversation making it sound closer to a live interview - or at least a professionally recorded, broadcast interview you might hear on the radio.

For more information about creating high quality audio infoproducts, read "Creating Your Own Expert Audio Products"

What Market and Topic To Select For Your Next eBook?

So many people, possibly even you reading this right now, do not have your own book or ebook because you wrestle with these two questions:

  1. Do I have enough expertise or experience to write an ebook on this topic?
  2. Should I look for topics that are HOT or topics that I know about?
Tough questions right?

Do you dip your feet into a market that you know nothing about, are not even interested in just because it looks like a popular market, or do you risk sticking with what you know or what interests you even though you don't see much opportunity - at least at first?

Stop sweating these questions - we have the answer for you over at "Writing On An eBook Topic You Know Nothing About?", where you will find out about the optimal combination between your knowledge, interests, passions and market demand.

Jeff Smith
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