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Happy Wednesday To Everyone!

As we hit the dog days of summer, anyone notice the activity in the internet marketing space is heating up?

Everyone from Frank Kern to Tim Kerber and Tom Long are hitting the email and social networking sites hard with videos and product launches - in Frank's case he's definitely leading up to something whereas Tim and Tom have launched their Membership Bootcamp DVD package this past week.

Seeing all of this can get aggravating, especially when you're still struggling to make a buck online, getting pumelled with the next $497 package is the last thing you need right?

See if you can get past that feeling, and take a look at "what" they are doing - not so much what they are selling. Often, the techniques these guys are using to build anticipation, attract traffic through videos, building "social proof" through testimonials and case studies, and engaging their markets prior to launch can be adapted to any market - including your own.

Each product launch in the Internet Marketing space can teach you a great deal about how to improve your own marketing system, what steps you need to take, how to attract partners and what sorts of products you need to run a successful million dollar launch.

OK, now on to today's issue - and how to help YOU put more money in your pocket with your own online business, let's get rolling.

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Wanna Bet These eBook Topics Will Sell Like Wildfire?

By Jeff Smith

Still having doubts about turning your own experiences, knowledge and ideas into your own book? You would be excused for believing that only celebrities or experienced, well-known authors are capable of writing their own best-selling books, but the fact is that many of the 300,000 or so books written this year (and hundreds of thousands of other self-published books and ebooks) are written by people just like you or I that have no previous writing experience and may not be famous outside of our own neighborhood.

The biggest doubt comes in terms of finding a topic around which you will write your own book. Does it have to be something on business? Do I have to be Doctor Phil to be able to tackle the lucrative self-help market?

With these sorts of thoughts rattling around inside your head, it can seem pointless to even try writing your own book, yet the reality is you have a massive opportunity right under your nose.

3 Steps To List Building Success

There are two major issues online businesses have when building their list:

  • Getting People To Signup
  • Getting People to Buy
It's tough to put all that work into building your list only to find that you get a trickle of one or two subscribers each day - sound familiar?

Even worse, when you finally do build or buy a list of a couple thousand people, you send out a mailing introducing them to a product you are selling (your own or an affiliate product) and you get zero response!

We all understand that list building is still one of the most important parts of marketing - either offline or online. Yet very few businesses have figured out how to do it properly.

Many businesses still fail to even start their list building campaign.

Others do a terrific job of obtaining subscribers, but can't seem to figure out what to do with them.

How many times have you joined a "preferred customer" or "club card" program from some retail store only to NEVER have been contacted by them ever again? What's with that? These programs have huge back-end systems with hundreds of thousands invested and they can't even get their act together long enough to figure out I'm someone who agreed to join your preferred program, so sell me your next hot deal.

Unfortunately, we tend to overcomplicate the process of list building which is why it will help you skyrocket your list building results by breaking it down into this simple 3-step system.

Turning Ideas Into Million Dollar Businesses

By Jeff Smith

I usually don't get pulled into raging debates on public discussion forums, especially when the debate seems to be centered around definitions or symantics, "you say this but you really meant this" sort of debates.

But, in this case I couldn't resist because the topic was the promise of a "guaranteed" million dollar idea which had a good monetization technique behind it, but there was a great deal of debate and misunderstanding around what it would really take to achieve.

I'm sure your with me when I point out that there is often a long way between having an idea on a business or business model that can earn you a million dollars and actually putting that plan into operation achieving results.

So, the question is "what does really matter on your quest to earn a million dollars...and the answer may surprise you because it's not the typical training or information we access, but something even more simple and fundamental...

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

Lots of great things happening on Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week...here's a sample!

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • EBOOK PUBLISHING In response to many questions we've had over the months about how many pages an ebook should have, we posted a response that many of you did not expect! Did you know that some of the most successful ebooks now being released started as 60-pages or less - in some cases much less?
  • MARKETING We shared with our members a very unique way to increase the value of a $17-$27 ebook into a more substantial $47- $67 product, or even has the potential to be turned into a $97-$147 back-end product that can really fuel your profits into the big-time.
  • VIDEO DEVELOPMENT We've been posting videos on YouTube, Google Video and other social networking sites as well as providing content visually for our customers - it's clear that for the rest of 2007 into 2008 video will play a very important role to online marketers and product developers. We were happy to have posted a six-part, video-based training of how you can produce your own professional looking videos with low and no-cost tools including Windows Movie Maker.

Are you ready to take your online marketing business to the next level? We have the tools, methods, templates, In-the-trenches experience, personal advice, bonus products and more to help you launch and grow your own information product marketing empire...it's all here in the InfoMarketer's Zone.

Little Known Benefits of Self Publishing

Those of you thinking about publishing your own books may understand the typical benefits of keeping more profit and maintaining control over your ideas and projects, but there are some other significant benefits of self-publishing you may not have thought of…

Only those that have successfully launched and marketed their own self-published information product (book, ebook, report, course, etc...) understand many of these benefits...one of the more successful is Bob Baker who operates his own self-publishing company targeting independent musician market.

Is It Time To Start Your Own Membership Site?

2007 is certainly becoming the year where membership sites are gaining mainstream attention from the largest of Fortune 500 companies to the smallest of online marketers operating out of their own homes.

And why not? Membership sites charge recurring payment for updated information and services or access to specific resources on a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis and for most forms of information and services it makes perfect sense.

Really not that surprising since there are many membership site models - really most mentorship, coaching program and inner circle programs have a membership aspect to them.

So, when do you start your membership program?

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2007

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