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Hello everyone!

Putting together this issue of this newsletter, I noticed we cover each of the most important aspects of operating your own business online -- niche market discovery, traffic generation and website design using blogs.

I must admit though the hardest article I had to put together is the one where I call out many current Internet Marketing superstars for telling the biggest 'LIE' in Internet Marketing.

If you don't have time to read all of the great content we've put together for you, read this one article - because the 'LIE' I speak about is causing 99% of internet entrepreneurs to proceed in exactly the wrong direction for the good of their business.

I'm serious, this is NOT a trick or a sad attempt at humor, but a very serious issue that you must know about NOW! Fair enough? Then let's get started.

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Where To Test Your Niche Market InfoProduct Idea?

By Jeff Smith

You may have noticed them on the end aisle of your local bookstore. Almost everyone has heard of them and most of us have bought one title over the last few years. But few of us really knows how many titles this successful publishing enterprise has now produced.

I'm speaking about the "For Dummies" series of books now with 200+ titles and more being added monthly.

What I can bet for sure is that you haven't thought to use the considerable market research abilities of the "For Dummies" publishers to discover highly profitable, niche "how to" products. Yet, this is one of the most powerful places to find and test the profitability and demand for information product topics.

Internet Marketer's Guide To Blogging

There are 3 important benefits you will experience from blogging:

  • Generate more traffic
  • Leverage social networks - other blogs and Web 2.0 sites
  • Improve trust and relationship with your market
Some of you may be resisting blogs, writing them off as a fad or trend without significant benefit for marketing

Others may be holding back until they figure out how to "do it properly"

Another group have dipped their toes in the water, haven't experienced immediate success and so their blog sits empty, neglected

To all of you, I urge you to take a look at this recent article we wrote on our direct experience blogging - including how to make sure you do it right

Don't Let This Internet Marketing 'LIE' Keep You From Being Successful!

By Jeff Smith

By and large the people that teach internet marketing principles fall into two camps - either incredibly helpful and undervalued or benign - not especially useful but most people don't listen to them anyway. But that's changed recently...

A dangerous 'LIE' is circulating and I fear, impacting many of your own business plans, goals and aspirations.

I've been helping companies and individuals create millions of dollars worth of products for over 15-years now, if there is **something** I know something about it is researching markets and discovering hidden product ideas.

Yet, there are individuals out there giving niche market and product creation advice who have NEVER created single cent with their own products - and let me tell you their advice is WRONG!

I want everyone to jump over to my latest blog posting to find out what the 'LIE' is and how you can avoid the trap that so many online businesses have fallen into...

Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

Lots of great things happening on Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week...here's a sample!

Here's the Latest Buzz:

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP We released a very important video this week to our members that talks, in detail, about why millionaires are easily able to discover demand within markets and quickly turn that demand into a million-dollar business. It's been an eye-opener for many of our members.
  • WRITTEN INFOPRODUCTS An incredible ebook and written infoproduct design video series was added this week to help with the many questions our subscribers and members have had on formatting and producing written information products such as reports, ebooks, books, presentations, etc...
  • NEW MEMBERS I'm happy to report we have our biggest ever jump in InfoMarketer's Zone members coming to us from all around the world. Even in the lazy, hazy days of summer, word of mouth is getting out - that the InfoMarketer'sZone will help you to rapidly build your own information product marketing internet business and experience the "internet marketing" lifestyle at it's finest.

Are you ready to take your online marketing business to the next level? We have the tools, methods, templates, In-the-trenches experience, personal advice, bonus products and more to help you launch and grow your own information product marketing empire...it's all here in the InfoMarketer's Zone.

Understanding "Authority Sites" - And Why You Need One

When you first start out it's confusing understanding what type of sites you should build.

Should you build single-page minisites?

How about a blog?

Or...should you start building a portal, forum...something else?

The answer lies in something called "Authority Sites". Internet marketing guru's will charge you thousands of dollars to tell you about these magical authority sites...but you can read why authority sites matter and how to build your own right here:

The First Four Steps To Starting Your Own Online Information Product Business...

One the key resources within InfoMarketer's Zoneis the detailed Product Creation System Checklist which walks each member through a detailed, step-by-step, efficient and effective plan for moving through concept to final launch of your own information product business.

It's a detailed guide based on more than 15-years of product creation and launch experience - but to help you here, let's start with the first four steps to get things rolling...

  • Topic, market and idea research - Starting with a brainstorming of your current interests, passions and experiences you need to list at least 10 potential markets or product ideas to kick things off
  • Perform market research to narrow your topics down to at least three so you can take further action
  • Get your webhost and autoresponder and establish your first survey site to begin collecting feedback - a good source of survey software is this one. A very reliable and cost-effective webhost we recommend is Thirdsphere, our Autoresponder of choice for years has beenAweber.
  • Outline your information product and either write the product yourself or outsource it - using Ultimate Success Package as your guide will help cut your time by 75%

You'll notice we recommend that you get your site started well before you have a product to sell online in order to begin building your authority (see previous article), establishing your list and to help test your different ideas and titles.

I still see many people waiting month after month to launch their website, putting it off until they have developed their product - don't wait, you can build a significant list and major authority with just a few months presence online.

Jeff Smith
Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2007

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