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Hello everyone!

Just back from vacation, back into the reality of your job or business?

Hope your vacation went well, but it doesn't help the fact that you still have to face up to the fact that you're not where you want to be, correct?

We're going to dedicate the next few issues to helping you "get the ball rolling". Starting and building your own online business is like anything else, if you can begin to build some momentum, it will take on a life of its own. Trick is to putting the whole plan into motion.

That's the reason we're covering so much to do with niche marketing and publishing - two of the major obstacles that get in the way of building momentum in your business.

So let's get rolling...

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How To Miine Gold From Your Niche Market?

By Jeff Smith

The key to creating hot selling information products, tantilizing sales letters and publicity and designing an online business that will continue to grow month after month, year after year is gaining an "insider's" view of the opportunities within your niche market.

It goes without saying, the more value you provide to your market, the greater amount of money you can charge for your products and services and the higher the ration of profit to time will be.

I assume you're ok with working less and earning more?

But where does "value" come from?

If you guessed that "value" is a perception of your customers, then you would have been correct.

So, doesn't it make perfect sense that we should understand (in detail) the current perceptions and emotions that influence perception leading to a value judgement by our market?

I hope you are nodding your head yes...yes...yes! Because unfortunately there are masses of internet marketers who are missing this subtle point and continue to operate on the outside of their niche market (even those that have had access to their niche for years), but that can change can't it?

Learn what it means to truly operate "Inside" of your niche market and what that can mean to your lifestyle and bank account by accessing...

  • Are You Operating "Inside" Of Your Niche Market?

  • How To Get More Response From Your List

    We've had the message drilled into us for years now, to increase your online profits you need to be building and marketing to your list.

    And certainly...there have been dozens and dozens of products and services that have been released to help us build our lists, but the question remains...

    How do you make sure the list you're building starts and remains responsive to your content and ultimately, your offers?

    I can tell you from first-hand experience marketing my products through many partner lists, there are far more lists converting next to nothing than there are highly responsive lists, so the problem is significant...and you don't want to fall into the trap.

    To avoid building an unresponsive, "dud" list, read...

  • The Key To Generating More Revenue From Your List

  • Are You Caught In This Niche Marketing Trap?

    By Jeff Smith

    Can you guess the one single key to making progress with your online marketing business, after all it comes up in almost every survey as being absolutely necessary to achieve high levels of success?


    Simple enough right? Now, let me ask you another question, this one's a little tougher and understanding the action can pave the way to making sure each and everyday is an ACTION day for you.

    "What is the #1 obstacle that stands in the way of taking ACTION?"

    Procrastination and it's most common brother - complaining.

    Stay with me now...what is the most common complaint about not being able to get started building your information product marketing empire online...?

    Ah...now we're onto something. The answer? Finding a niche market.

    Let me assure you...if you have or are complaining about not being certain about your niche market and that's what is standing in your way you're struggles are about to be overcome...

    Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

    Lots of great things happening on Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week...here's a sample!

    Here's the Latest Buzz:

    • PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS Steve raised a very thoughtful exchange of throughts and practical advice on ways to protect your information product business by way of disclaimers and other exclusionary statements - especially useful for those in sensitive niche markets such as health, financial or personal advice businesses.
    • JV PARTNERSHIPS We uploaded a fact-filled private members podcast covering techniques for reeling in the "BIG" fish when forming your product launch or ongoing partnership and JV program participants. These tips can have massive impact on your business.
    • INFOPRODUCT EXPERT INTERVIEW Many of you have commented on the terrific information shared by 6-time top selling author Bob Baker in his Infoproduct Mastery Part-1 Interview we uploaded last week. Best of all, we're putting the finishing touches on Part-2, it will be up in just a couple of days.

    Are you ready to take your online marketing business to the next level? We have the tools, methods, templates, In-the-trenches experience, personal advice, bonus products and more to help you launch and grow your own information product marketing empire...it's all here in the InfoMarketer's Zone.

    5 Examples Of Hot Selling Information Product Topics - And An Interview

    I know you have it - that doubt that every once in a while creeps into your mind that the only successful information product marketing TOP GUNS are those that sell information on internet marketing.

    I'm not going to tell you NOT to go after the online marketing crowd, but I do want to clear things up a little by showing you some top selling information products that sell in non-internet marketing niches...

    • Guerilla Marketing For Musicians - A niche information product that helps independent musicians market their craft keeps Bob Baker running his lucrative infoproduct business full-time
    • Frank Kern has developed many non-IM products including ebooks on training parrots and music
    • A former consulting client of mine turned a tidy six-figure profit from a series of infoproducts around improving family relationships
    • Another former client of mine operates a six-figure membership site on the topic of golf, there are others on soccer and football as well
    • I know of several authors who have sold thousands of information products into the personal development and self-help field

    Of course, there are many more including home improvement, weight loss, alternative health, pets, software tutorials, and so on...

    The point is, there are thousands of available niche markets - here's a great story about a simple middle manager (aren't they throwing them out with the lunch trays these days...) who escaped his career by writing a top selling book...

    Blog Posting - What Should Your Strategy Be?

    I'm hoping that most of you have already made the decision to launch your own blog, if I were to start my business today from scratch, it's the absolute first thing I would do.

    Once you've selected either Google Blogger or Wordpress as your blogging platform and made it through the 30-minutes or so it takes to set these free blog solutions up, your next question often turns to how often should you post and should your posts be short or long?

    We've been operating various blogs for over 2-years now, and we've learned a thing or two about generating traffic, loyalty and sales from our activities...

    Jeff Smith
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