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Have you noticed the days getting shorter? Wow, summer goes by so fast - especially up here in the North.

The good news though...we are hitting prime season for online business. Summer is over, the kids are back to school and people head back to the internet to research and find answers to the questions they have in almost every market.

It's time to get serious about developing your own information product.

Watch Yanik's 20-minute "Oil Well" video to get an idea of what he has been able to accomplish with information products online - I knew Yanik back then and don't believe for a minute that you couldn't achieve the same results.

Then, use the information provided in the rest of this newsletter to help overcome anything that stands in your way - either motivational or reasons you have for not being able to get your ebook written

You will also see more material on blogging lately - including today's video on installing your own Wordpress blog. For those of you just starting out, blogging is an excellent way to get your first sites up, attract search engine attention and drive traffic to your sites.


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10 "Scary" Reasons You Haven't Written Your Book

By Jeff Smith

You want to write a book, but it just hasn't happened yet?

You find yourself dabbling in online marketing, chasing network marketing opportunties, thinking about franchises - almost any other way to start your own business that actually having to sit down and write a book.

Yet, at the same time the romantic notion of writing for 2-hours each day, seeing your name in print and making a small fortune all while working from the comfort of your own home office is so appealing.

OK -- so there's a problem isn't there? Let's stop ignoring the fact that there are common obstacles that stand in the way of writing your book. Instead, let's deal with them allowing you to breakthrough and finally have a book to market online.

  • Overcome These "10 Reasons You Are Scared To Write A Book"

  • "Life Stuck In A Rut - Here's How To Break Free Now!"

    Building your own profit-producing business doesn't happen by accident, it takes...

    • Creativity and Vision
    • Energy - And Lots of It
    • Consistency and Passion
    • Self-Confidence
    • Radiating Enthusiasm For Attracting A Like-Minded Team

    Trouble is, most of us have our off days...and for some, an off week, month or year.

    If you haven't already thought about it, building your own online marketing empire won't be possible if you are stuck in rut, stressed out or knee deep in negativity.

    Before you tackle your online marketing business building, infoproduct creation or planning - take steps to heal old wounds, increase your energy and happiness - believe me, you will massively increase your chance of success if you first pay attention to you transferring that positive energy into your business building.

    Video - Installing Your Wordpress Blog

    By Jeff Smith

    No matter how great your product (or the product you are seling) is, you won't sell a dime's worth if you don't become a master marketer.

    No matter what anyone tells you, marketing online comes down to two things...

    • Your ability to attract the right people to your sites
    • How successful you are turning those people into active buyers

    There are two ways you can get traffic to your site...

    • Pay for it
    • Organically - get it for free

    Now, I'm not going to sit here and tell you never to pay for traffic, because given the right product, right source and proper refinement - you can make very good profit with paid traffic, but...

    Why in the world would you not try the most successful methods of getting organic, free traffic before spending money on paid traffic?

    There is no escaping it - blogging has become one of the most powerful methods of getting traffic to your sites, specifically blogging...

    • Offers RSS aggregators that provide inbound links to your website resulting in almost instant recognition of content by major search engines
    • Can get you higher SEO rankings, especially if you are good at attracting user generated comments and content
    • Provides an ecosystem of partners that can drive serious visitors your way
    • Can be easily installed, configured for search engine optimization without knowing how to develop websites

    Convinced? I hope so, now head over and watch this video we posted on how simple it is to install and setup your own Wordpress blog - it's a simple 3-step process that takes less than 5-minutes with most webhosts...

    Latest Information Product Marketing Buzz!

    Lots of great things happening on Information Marketer's Zone Forums over the last week...here's a sample!

    Here's the Latest Buzz:

    • CONTENT PLANNING Adam asked our members if it made more sense for him to post his content in a blog or continue to write other forms of content such as articles on his website. We gave him a detailed response on how he can introduce blogging to improve the reach of his content.
    • LAUNCH OF BLOGRUSH We discussed the launch of mega-marketer John Reese's Blogrush blog content syndication tool that came out this past week. From a technical perspective it seems sound, though we talk about some of the downsides including the warning not to expect too much traffic from this tool.
    • BLOGGING VIDEOS This week 3 new videos were launched on the site - "Installing Wordpress", "Improving Wordpress Presentation" and "5 SEO Plugins" to help you get started with your niche market blogging now. In the next few weeks we will also be covering topics such as enabling your Wordpress blog for list building, adding widgets, making money from your blog and more...

    Are you ready to take your online marketing business to the next level? We have the tools, methods, templates, In-the-trenches experience, personal advice, bonus products and more to help you launch and grow your own information product marketing empire...it's all here in the InfoMarketer's Zone.

    Yanik Silver Reveals Secret To Millions In Information Product Marketing Profits - Free Video

    When I first started online, Yanik Silver was just starting to really make it big - well on his way to a million dollars with his first few information products.

    Back then I got the chance to speak with him on the phone a couple of times and learned not only that he was a super guy, but that he had a way of explaining things that was clear and simple.

    Fast forward about 6-years and now Yanik is a multi-million dollar earner - one of the most successful individual information product marketers ever - someone well worth listening to.

    You can spend twenty minutes with this master learning about his twist on an information publishing model - something he calls the "Oil Well" model, it's well worth the time being based entirely on his experience.

    Mining For Hot InfoProduct Topics Inside Internet News

    Want to have your finger on the pulse of hot markets, understand what search terms people are using? Would you benefit from knowing what types of information are most in demand?

    There are many ways to tap into demand online, internet news sites are one of my favorites.

    Internet news sites are great research tools because...

    • They are pre-filtered to only highlight the most in-demand information
    • You will find ideas and opportunities you would have never have thought of on your own
    • Setup a simple 1-week monitoring table where you highlight topics to identify overlap
    • Often studies and official research results are highlighted - great foundation for research-based information product business.

    To be sure, many stories will not produce solid infoproduct ideas - others may pass right by you without catching your attention unless you know what to look for.

    To help, here are a few examples to illustrate how we pull ideas from internet news sites...

    Jeff Smith
    Copyright HigherTrust Marketing 2007

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