How many niche markets are there that can serve as hot markets for your own book, ebook or information publishing/sharing business?

Search me!

All I know is every single day I see more niches pop up and more people that turn ideas into full-time online information publishing businesses joining InfoMarketer’sZone.

Case in point, how many of you thought about writing a book about beer?

Not likely the first niche market that came to mind right?

But when you think about it, the bookstores have always done well with books on wine, beer and cocktails – sort of an offshoot of the broader recipe and food topics.

Let’s do a little test…

1. Are people passionate about beer? Absolutely, it used to be people would defend their brand of beer with their lives and now it’s all about the microbrews and being a beer connoisseur – guess what connoisseur’s and want-to-be connoisseur’s bring to the table?  Passion…emotionally drive passion for their area of interest.  That’s a good thing for selling information.

2. Are people looking for an outcome as a result of their passion for beer? You may laugh at that statement – for some people the outcome is blatantly obvious…to get buzzed! However for today’s beer connoisseur what they are looking for is prestige, to impress their superiors, peers or other people they want to look good in front of.  It’s no longer a matter of being curious about beer, but a matter of survival and achievement to know about it.   Once again, that drives irrational passion and desire.

3. Is the audience of potential beer drinkers, or more importantly beer connoisseurs large enough to sustain a market for information?  That takes some additional market research, but recent indications in ebook directories, on Amazon, in magazines and blogs give me enough comfort that the audience passionate about knowing more about beer is growing and not declining.

So yes, you have a passionate, growing, highly motivated niche market to target with your information products.   You can start by releasing a book on the topic (as the author has done above), you could also explore growing your blog, setting up a membership site (with tools, discounts, weekly reviews and group conversations around beer), even run seminars or courses that bring in experts to help teach more about how beer is brewed – including tastings!

Just one more example of hot niche markets for ebooks or infoproducts that you can turn into a profit producing business online.


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