Not a day goes by where we don’t have someone approach us for advice, coaching or as a member of InfoMarketer’sZone where they have fallen into the trap of learning Internet Marketing without yet having a real business to market.

Somewhere along the way Internet Marketing became confused with online business when the two are really two very different things.

Online business encompasses all of the elements of a REAL business – a target market or niche market, a value proposition, products and/or services, a unique selling angle (UVP/USP) and one or more offers.

Internet Marketing, on the other hand, are those tools, processes, tactics and strategies for marketing to the target market the products and services you have developed as part of your online business.

In other words, jumping right to internet marketing and learning HOW to market some THING online doesn’t work until you have some THING figured out.

Here’s a recent Facebook post that may help clarify this for you and help you take the next step in your desire to grow your online profit.


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