One of the main methods you will use to drive traffic, attention and interest to your on-line business is by producing and distributing highly valuable content.

In our case, content campaigns consist of a mix of blog posts, social network activity (twitter, facebook, instagram) and video (youtube, facebook live streams, instagram stories) done with a very focused strategy in mind.

Here are two of the most common ways we use content publishing and marketing campaigns in advance of releasing our own products online to help drive business profit

It all starts with understanding your audience – we typically enter new markets with content (blogs, videos, social…) in one of two states…

We Know What Product We Will Produce And What Audience We Will Target

In this case the objective is purely to appeal to that audience around the problem, frustration and desire that they are wrestling with that will ultimately make your product appealing.

Let’s say you are developing a product to help new mothers lose weight…the real desire there is actually around want to look and feel like they did before they had their child, they want to get back into social circles, look hot and feel confident again despite the challenges of going through childbirth and raising kids. So, you begin to write content around exactly those frustrations – why they feel like they do, quick tips on feeling better each day, how to fit exercise into 15-minute sessions, etc…

Your objective in this case is purely to pull in as much attention, interest and desire to capture your target market’s attention, have them engage with you and ideally pull them into a sales funnel that will eventually be used to launch and promote your product

Using Content To Further Research Your Market

The other scenario is where you know the broad market you want to tackle but you do not yet know (or aren’t sure) about the exact topic for your product so you generate content a little more widely around a set of frustrations, challenges and desires you want to TEST response to help guide your product development.

This is NOT a shotgun approach to content, but rather a very focused content campaign around testing specific desires and topics with an aim to then select a final product idea moving you into scenario 1 above where you begin to focus your content around the now-chosen final topic.

The mistake most online entrepreneurs make is they either generate content without a specific plan or focus and wonder why it misses the mark or they simply do not produce and distribute enough content because they are unsure of what their strategy should be.

When you are clear on your focus, motivated around a purpose and targeting a specific market segment your content publishing campaign becomes much easier



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