I always enjoy hearing from Google celebrity Matt Cutts, he’s smart and his enthusiasm for all things online comes through every time he writes or is interviewed by someone.

In this interview, Matt shares his thoughts on…

  • His interview with Google in the very early days
  • Some of the trends for 2009 and beyond including mobile marketing and cloud storage and computing
  • Why it’s never been easier to start a business online…

Yes, with less than $100 you can start your online business, test a market and get a read on your latest idea – the really valuable skill (and one we teach in-depth within InfoMarketer’sZone) is learning how to identify niche markets, understand desire and demand triggers within markets that lead to HOT business ideas. 

Matt talks about a whole new generation of marrying social networking platforms (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc…) with the 3Billion + emerging market for smart mobile devices with hot business ideas to create fortunes in the coming years. 

From a pure information product point of view – one of the really hot areas in the coming months will be those that help aspiring entrepreneurs take their ideas and marry them with social networking open interfaces and mobile device development platforms. 

More on this in future blog posts…

Watch this short, but cool video:


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