After a coaching call this AM with several of our InfoMarketer’sZone members it struck me that many of you ARE on the path to NOT succeeding with your online business – and it mainly had to do with focusing too much on operational tactics versus the critical task of developing and testing your online business concept, market and products.

For instance, almost every aspiring entrepreneur I’ve talked with in the last 48-hours was focused on one of…

  • How do I take payments?
  • What website or landing page builder should I use?
  • Should I start a blog?
  • How do I get traffic?
  • What should I sell and where do I find it?
  • Should I build a list?
  • Etc…

These are legitimate questions and eventually you will need help knowing how to answer these questions – and more…

The challenge is that IF you do not yet have a solid idea of what business you will start, who you will market too, what products or services you will sell/deliver and how all of this will scale in the coming months/years…then none of these other questions matter.

I talk about this and exactly WHAT you MUST put your focus on to be one of the elite, high-earning online marketers in the coming months in this important video…


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