So this morning’s group coaching for members over at Information Marketer’s Zone led to a very interesting and important lesson around the importance of having a product strategy – I wanted to share that lesson with you today.

See, most online marketers think only of ONE product (either an affiliate product or their own) when the truth is that every successful online business has multiple products.

For example, instead of putting all your chips on releasing your first ebook or digital product – think BEYOND your first product.

Ask yourself this – “If I turn my ebook into a 3-5 part video series and allow people to download the ebook or guide, then what ELSE could I sell them next?”

  • It could be a second phase of reaching their ultimate desired objective
  • It could be additional tools or resources they need to reach their desired outcome.
  • It could be the “application” of the information in the form of group or 1:1 coaching.

It could be physical goods associated with what you teach them (Ex. Fitness training program offering fitness gear or supplements on the back-end)

I highlight these options because we do all of these…and more in our various online businesses.

You will be amazed at the options you come up with when you start asking yourself these types of questions that help expand your planning, expand your business and expand your profit

Having a product strategy is CRITICAL today – especially given the increasing cost/effort associated with getting targeted traffic – the business with the superior product strategy leading to greater ROI on their traffic/lead gen wins…

Your thoughts?


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