Taking time to wish you and your family an incredible Holiday and especially health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

2016 has been an incredible year for us here at HigherTrust Marketing and for our family, I hope the same can be said of your Year – if not, then here is a powerful concept you can apply to your life starting now.  This concept has made a huge difference in our lives and will in yours too.

Let me share this with you, please read this carefully and apply it to your life over these Holidays – it can make a HUGE difference in both your longer-term achievement and short-term life quality…here it is.

Learn To Live A Patiently Impatient Life

What I mean is finding that balance between not being satisfied with where you are, of always striving to improve and be a better person WHILE also knowing that reaching your ultimate BIG goals is a long-term game.

You mix the patience of enjoying each hour, each day and each situation in your life…of avoiding desperation in favor of the longer-term good in your life AT THE SAME TIME as you practice impatience in terms of where you are compared to where you will eventually be in your life.

This concept has been SO important to achieving everything in the areas of personal, health & well being and financial success in my life.  Always thinking BIGGER, being inspired by those ahead of me and never settling for where I am in life is the impatience that drives constant improvement.

On the other hand, having patience on the journey means you can enjoy life each day, avoid desperation in favor of what benefits you and those around you in the longer-term makes life so enjoyable.

So many people make the mistake of either ONLY practicing patience (where they never question where they are, never set BIG goals and resign their life to one of acceptance, boredom, frustration and soon regret where they are in life turning to bitterness and inner turmoil)

Then there are others who over-rotate to a point of desperation constantly looking for a quick-fix but never learning to plan longer-term, think BIGGER than tomorrow and can never seem to enjoy today.  These people jump from fad to fad, opportunity to opportunity, relationship to relationship becoming less self confident along the way.

Chances are you sit today with a foot more firmly placed in one of these two camps…either bored, complacent and procrastinating OR desperately seeking a short-term fix to being rich, thinner, in a better relationship, out of debt tomorrow when years of life have resulted in where you are today.

The GREAT news is that by learning this simple principle of living a patiently impatient life you balance the best of living a life of total JOY and FULFILLMENT today yet focused squarely on improving and reaching the highest mountains in the weeks, months and years to come…

Living this patiently impatient life is exactly how the top achievers in life I have worked with unleash their full potential and balance a life of living for TODAY and living BIG.

Something to think about and apply to your life as you approach 2017.

You deserve to live a life of passion and purpose filled with achievement and impact…we will continue to be here to help you through 2017 – indeed that is our Passion and Purpose is to see you succeed.

Enjoy the Holidays, plan for the coming year and most of all…experience the most in each minute of each day in this fantastic life.

Happy Holidays…

Jeff Smith


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