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"1ShoppingCart Review - Affiliate Management"

I get asked frequently for my opinion on using 1ShoppingCart to manage your affiliate program, allowing your affiliates to signup and promote your products online, so here is a review of 1Shopping cart and their ability to manage your affiliate program.

Many people are attracted to 1shoppincart's affiliate management because unlike Clickbank, they allow you to manage your affiliate program for both digital and physical product sales.

This 1shoppincart review will focus on my experiences with thousands of affiliates over a 3+ year period having dished out thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions for both phsical and digital products.

Just a quick point - there are dozens of branded 1shoppingcart sites offered today, these are all 1shoppincart sites where an introduction page is provided to certain partners. For example, I use a 1shoppingcart branded as 1AutomationWiz as I get extra support from this longtime affiliate.

Let's get on with the 1shoppingcart review.


1. 1shoppingcart allows you a very flexible model for setting commissions. This means you can set commissions custom by each product at multiple levels (two-tier for example) and by specific affiliate allowing you to set a higher commission for a super affiliate than regular affiliates for example.

For example, if you have one ebook that you want to aware 70% commissions because it is a lead generator into higher back-end sales, but you also have a back-end phsyical DVD package that you want to only pay 30% commissions - you can do that by simply setting separate commissions under each product definition.

Then, you most proabably will hit a point in time with your online business when you want to give preferential commissions to a heavy hitter - or a "super affiliate" - that is also easily done as you simply set an override commission level for that specific affiliate while all others continue under the product defaults.

2. With 1Shoppingcart - you control cookie settings - you can set the length of time that your affiliates referrals will be tracked against that affiliate - for some you may prefer 90-days, others may wish to give their affiliates either 1-year or even lifetime credit for referring visitors.

3. Can customize the affiliate signup forms allowing you to collect your own data as well as data critical for managing the program - including things like Paypal address if you intend to pay affiliates electronically instead of by check.

4. Option of manually approving each affiliate is nice if you are operating your affiliate program more closely.

5. Good integration with the sales tracking module. For example, if an affiliate is credited with a sale and that referral later returns the product - by issuing a refund in your sales order tracking section, the associated affiliate commissions are automagically adjusted so you don't end up paying commissions on sales that are later refunded.

6. You have the ability to customize your destination URL's to embed your affiliate's URL's into any domain on your website. This may sound complicated, but it's actually very useful. For example, if by default you send your affiliate's referral URL's to your main sales page or opt-in squeeze page at index.html of your domain, you can create another page that contains a special video, article or even a blog posting off of your main domain and send out a promotion to your affiliates allowing them to direct traffic to that page and still cookie their visitors for any sale made from that domain. This is powerful, let me know if you need me to explain further.

7. Because 1shoppingcart includes autoresponder management, you get complete control over autoresponder to your affiliates allowing you to mail to them directly when you want to train them, notify them of upcoming promotions, etc...

8. You do have the ability to operate a two-tier affiliate program with 1shopppingcart where each affiliate can promote your affiliate program to sub-affiliates and earn second-tier commissions on sales of sub-affiliates

9. Reliable. In my several years using 1shoppingcart, I don't recall any issues with downtime - overall a very reliable system.


The only issue I have with managing my affiliate program with 1shoppingcart is the reporting and ability to track payment of affiliates.

The reporting system is very capable - it's unlikely you will conceive of a report you can't get out of the system, the only issue is that it seems overly complicated and cumbersome. For instance, each month I go in to pay my affiliates and I find it non-intuitive when dealing with thousands of affiliates and hundreds of payouts - but it still gets the job done. They did make a major improvement in this area about 1-year ago - but there is still room to make the affiliate reporting and payment system simpler to use.

If you are seeking a top notch, integrated, affordable shopping cart, autoresponder service, affiliate management program, campaign management tool for your online business and need to sell either digital or physical products then I highly recommend 1ShoppingCart - and specifically it's branded version 1AutomationWiz. This 1ShoppingCart review is backed by more than 3-years of personal business experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our Blog and make a comment, we'll get back to you right away.

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