Without exception, the biggest names in business, marketing and entrepreneurship understand and get busy self publishing their own products including books, ebooks, courses and training programs.

You may recognize these people as personalities from blogging, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube vloggers, public speaking/seminars or celebrities – but when you look closely you will discover that their own products are the true basis of their business.


  • Their product allows them to monetize their expertise & their advice
  • Their digital products give them credibility and a basis for greater publicity
  • Their self-published products bring them prestige and reputation in their marketplace with their customers
  • Their products turn them into instant leaders in their market allowing them to command top spot

Read this 2-minute blog post from James Altucher as he touches on the importance of self-publishing to his success…and then leave us a comment on how you intend to use self-publishing to help realize your business, financial and lifestyle goals in the coming weeks.

James does a terrific job sharing the true power of self-publishing and why you want to seriously consider this avenue for your own top-selling products:

  1. Speed – more than any other factor, the speed at which you can package and impact people’s lives with your information and expertise matters, self-publishing gives you the edge you need to be first to your market
  2. Control – my personal #1 factor in why we self-publish all of our material.  Being able to control all aspects of your self-publish product’s idea, release, marketing, pricing, and promotion is both a great responsibility, but a huge advantage for you to win in your market
  3. Your Idea – No Permission – so many top selling and most highly valuable products have been self-published and most likely would never have made it to market in a traditional publishing world.  If you have an idea, knowledge, passion for a topic and an ability to help other people with your information then that’s all you need to make your dream to release your own self-published book or course to market.  No excuses, no limitation – just you and your market

Of course James touches on many other benefit of self-publishing from branding benefit through the money you can and will make with a solid, top-selling book, ebook or course.

The biggest takeaway is that top entrepreneurs, influencers and winners in today’s marketplace prove the importance of having your own products, self-publishing your own books, courses and “expert” products is they key to a solid foundation for your business moving forward.

Ready to finish and launch your own self-published, digital product in the next 3-4 weeks?  Follow the proven system thousands of others have used to launch their product transforming their lifestyle and bank account forever – learn more here.




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