When we started our online business we made the decision to go out and write an ebook that would take us to our first $1K/month and then drive that profit back into the business leading to additional product development.

While it took me about 4-weeks longer than I had anticipated (mainly because we put together an ebook bundle priced at $47 instead of a single ebook at $27 or even $17), we doubled our results earning that first 1K within the first few days.

That’s when it hit me…the experience I had gained putting together than very first ebook package and then bringing it to market was something I could do again and again, getting faster and more efficient each time so that we could continue to improve the profit stream.

That’s exactly what we did mixing in continuity (membership programs where you get paid each month), coaching and consulting programs that brought in thousands for each session as well as many additional training programs and book + ebook bundles.

Each time, we take the profit from the past programs and drive it into new development, first hiring contractors and then employees to help scale the business.

As our ambitions to grow even bigger, the saying became…

“Let’s Go Sell A Book”

In the beginning that meant planning, writing and publishing the book, ebook, video program or membership site whereas today it often means running a fresh new marketing campaign on products we have developed.

Not one of these products took us more than 3-4 weeks to develop – yet taken over a number of years, they amass an incredible powerful source of online income that we 100% control and can leverage for many years to come.

So as you consider your next move into your own online business, consider publishing your own digital products – you can start with something like –

  • 20-page report or booklet,
  • an 80-page e-book or
  • print book
  • 5-part, 1-hour video training program…
  • a private member’s site
  • the choice is yours…

Becoming good at spotting markets, urgent demand and then publishing high-demand digital products can take you as far and as high as you want to go with your online business.

The great thing is that putting a few weeks of effort into writing that book or course will set the foundation for as much expansion as you want allowing you complete control of your energy, effort and knowledge AND the business is a blast.

Ready to go?

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