In addition to the traditional methods of marketing your internet business like search engine optimized content (blogging, articles, html content), advertising (Google Adwords, banner ads), and affiliate marketing, it is becoming more and more important to pay attention to social networking.


In short, more and more people are spending increased time on social networking sites.

Inside Information Marketer’sZone we share some of our own successful methods for using social networking sites to market information products – ebooks, reports and books.

While the use of social networking tools certainly demands a different approach – an approach that puts networking front and center with promotion being much more subtle through the use of stories, case studies, and innovative ways of giving away free content.

How much is social networking growing?

Pew Internet & American Life Project just released their latest update tracking American consumer use of social networking – while all social networking continues to increase, Twitter is especially noticable.

Social Networking Growth

Social Networking Growth

Close to 1/5th of the population are estimated to use Twitter.  While that may be true, the more powerful aspect of Twitter are the smaller, but voracious group of power users that have become addicted to Twitter and arguably trust it more than their email or search engines.

If you haven’t jumped on to Twitter, Facebook or Youtube yet, then get yourself onto these social networking sites so you can begin to build a following and understand how to become a presence on these tools as a marketing tool.


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