What interests, knowledge or experiences do you have that would be of intrest to a group of others?

Have you learned about dealing with difficult people by having to live with an unruly relative or work for a challenging boss?

Were you able to overcome a challenging relationship, emotioal issue or temporary health challenge where you could offer advice to others that would help them deal with or overcome that same issue?

Did you experience incredible enjoyment from a hobby, activity, trip or adventure that you could share with others?

Do you have a rags to riches story that would help others travel down your path? 


Do you believe that you could write 30-50 pages of advice, inspiration, personal experience or researched tips that would help someone be, have or do something in their life that they dream about?

After all, the many people that have followed the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur’s Success Program started with nothing other than a small personal experience or intense passion to learn about a topic and now make a living by selling their own book writing project, ebook or other training/information program. 

Think you can’t do it?

Wondering where you will find the time?

Curious if anyone will buy your book or ebook?

Then take a look at this inspiring press clipping about a 6-year old girl who took on her dream about book writing after being fascinating with different things that washed up on beaches while vacationing. 

Wow – I have kids just slightly older than this girl and we get to the ocean a few times each year, this book would be incredibly interesting to my kids. 

They just love the adventure of finding different shells, plants, fish and other “treasures” that wash up on the beaches – and boy would they love having a book that helped them identify what these things are (or were!) 

Within just a few short months, the little girl had her own 48-page book selling around the world. 

Think about it…many of us dream about writing a book for 45-years or more, this little girl acted on her desire and had her book out before she turned 7! 

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are NOT 7 any more…so what are you waiting for? 


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