Got a kick out of an article I came across on the web this morning called “Have A Beer, Write A Book” – the underlying premise is that studies have shown men can be more creative and solve problems better after a drink or two (it diminishes significantly after that).

It reminds me of the constant statements Steve Jobs used to make about how “experimenting” with drugs at an early age made him more able to mix business and creativity – arguably the key factor in making Apple so successful.

There is something to take from all of this, tapping into creativity, design and aesthetics and then mixing this with the practical truth’s of business can certainly be a way you differentiate your work and appeal to a higher-end part of your market.

With infoproducts, how can you turn your “How To” information training into something the is simpler, more elegant, slicker or more entertaining than your competition.

Worth giving some thought to for sure because if you get this right you can sell your product at 3-10 X premiums over your competition.

So, before you sit down to put together your infoproduct today, have a drink and let the ideas flow!

Don’t like the idea of alcohol, then put on some inspiring music, mentally put yourself in your ideal environment (on an island, on a boat, etc…) or meditate to get the juices flowing…then watch what more you can do with your business.


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